Old Dog, New Tricks

You’ve heard the old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” What if you’re the old dog? As slip into the back end of my 50s, I’ll admit it. Despite my reasonably cheery outlook on life and youthful impulses, I sometimes feel like that old dog.

We live in a world moving faster, so far as we know, than any other period of human history. Whereas 20 years used to constitute old, today 20 hours often does. Technology is changing by the moment. We drink information through a firehose without the ability to critically analyze it. In short, there’s always a new trick for us old dogs.

How do we cope?

We must commit ourselves to becoming one with the change. We must commit ourselves to learning new lessons, drawing new conclusions, and releasing cherished paradigms that simply don’t work anymore. All things we old dogs are loathe to do.

I’m not suggesting you relinquish timeless principles. In fact, we need to add a few more of those back into the mix. There’s been some throwing the baby out with the bathwater there.

I am suggesting that you need to adjust to doing old things in new ways. You need to be willing test new ideas, seek new approaches, and always be growing and getting better.

It would nice, for us old dogs, to think that the world is going to slow down and go back to how it used to be when we were young, comfortable, and uniquely confident. The truth is, barring an asteroid, this is the new reality, old dog. If you want to stay in the game, you’ve got to be willing to learn new tricks.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you ARE amazing!


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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks to all of you, this year has been one of amazing growth on this blog. I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read, comment, and share my posts.

I hope The Affirmation Spot has become a positive refuge for you on the Internet. That is the goal.

Let’s keep the energy flowing and continue filling our minds with insight, positivity, and practical tips for bettering our lives and bettering the world.

By any measure, 2020 has been a challenging year. It’s my belief that we can aspire, in 2021, to more than “getting back to normal.” We can entertain and achieve bigger dreams individually and together.

Our country, our species, and our planet can lean into our enormous potential to usher in a new era of positive change on so many fronts, if we have the courage to choose it.

I want to wish everyone reading this a beautiful holiday season. Thank you again for your contributions to growing this group.

Be well. Be safe. Find your inner joy.


Let’s Stop Conforming

Too often you revere paradigms that enslave your thinking and limit your possibilities. Stop it! You’re not here to live by their expectations. You’re not here follow the rule book to a T. You’re here to live out a unique experience in all the universe – your life in this place at this moment.

So, laugh out loud. Use your outdoor voice inside. Color outside the lines. Do it not because you disrespect your society, but because you know it can be better, saner, and more fun. Status quos are for breaking. Like everything else in this universe, paradigms must perish to make room for their next incarnation.

There are no extra points at the end of the game for exceptional conformity. There is a simply a life well-lived or a life well-worried.

So, dance heartily and joyfully in the the rainstorm of change that showers down upon you each and every day.

In case no one else reminded you today, you are awesome!


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Your Unique Contribution

Today’s Affirmation:

I am 100 percent genuine. I am 100 percent original. I am 100 percent authentic.

Everything that happens, regardless of the immediate suffering or joy it creates, perfectly prepares you to fulfill your purpose and achieve your goals. Focus, therefore, always on your experience and the lessons it has to teach you.

For just as the sun knows when to rise and the rose knows when to bloom, so too will you know when it is your moment to step forward and shine. It will be obvious that circumstances call for the special gifts and personal abilities that are uniquely yours.

Remember no matter where life has led you or how much pain you have endured, you still have something wonderful within that you, and only you, can contribute to the universe. Never let anyone tell you that your contribution is umimportant.

I’d dare say that your contribution is so important that the natural unfolding of the universe is undermined when you or anyone else fails to make their contribution. Live as if you dwell in a blessed state of grace because you do. Act as if you are endowed with enormous power to make a difference because you are.

Each day is one small deposit in your larger contribution to all of existence. Do yourself and the rest of us a huge favor and don’t forget to make it.

Stay positive stay inspired!


A Slight Shift in Perspective

Most of you have seen this famous optical illusion image at some point in your life. The image is titled “My Wife and My Mother-in-Law.” It first appeared on a German postcard in 1888 and later was adapted by a British cartoonist in 1915 and became a famous psychological conundrum.

On the left side of the image is a young woman facing away from you with a huge feather in her hair and a black necklace. If you look again, you’ll see and old woman facing forward. The young woman’s chin is her nose and necklace has become her mouth.

They say you cannot see both images at the same time. I took that as a challenge at an early age and forced myself to see both. Regardless, the key point of this image is that it is possible for two people to look at something as simple as this image and come to different conclusions about what they’re seeing. Is it so unreasonable that with something as complex as our lives or the universe that some people are going to see a completely different image than you.

Now this might seem like a concept that would hopelessly divide us, but think again. The duality gives you choice and choice gives you options. Once you can see both women in the image (simultaneously or not), you have a choice as to which way you want to see the image.

We have that power when we look out on our world as well. Though it’s far more complex, the concept is the same. Both a magical, miraculous world and a dark, dystopian world are there ready to be seen. The question is which one will we choose to see?

It’s the same world for endlessly happy person and the tirelessly pessimistic person. It’s really a matter of attention and focus and training yourself what is useful and productive to focus upon.

The next time you’re looking out and seeing only the pain, misery, and unhappiness, and we all have those days, remember that the beautiful world is right there too. You just need to remember to look for it.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


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