10 Best Doctor Affirmations

Doctors are heroes by any definition, but what they do can take its toll on them. These affirmations help doctors/physicians to put their minds on their side by owning their success and their greatness as a doctor. There are 10 affirmations and each is repeated three times in both the first and second-person for best results.


1. I am a great doctor. I always remember the healing comes first.
2. I am a great doctor and I prove it every day. My colleagues and patients see me as an expert.
3. My patients are lucky to have me and I am lucky to have them.
4. I treat every patient like they are my only patient.
5. I make a real difference in the lives of my patient.
6. My medical practice is growing and thriving.
7. My first patient is always me. I take care of myself in every way.
8. Whatever adversity I face today, I face it with courage and wisdom.
9. I always remember to show my patients how much I care.
10. I am calm and thrive in pressure situations.

Remember, my friends, keep your mind on your side.


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