See Your Adversary’s Perspective – Day 8 – 365 Days to a Better You

How did yesterday go? Did you discover your definite purpose and put some steps into place to develop a burning desire to achieve it? Here’s one more hack on finding that definite purpose. It lives at the intersection of passion and talent. What is something you’re really good at and you’d do it for free? Figure that out and your on your way to finding your definite purpose or life’s mission.

Forward! Even though it’s only Day 8, I’m going to give you one of your hardest missions – at least for many people – you’ll have all year. Do you agree that you’d be better and the world would be better with a little more understanding? It seems we live in a world where people just can’t have honest dialogue anymore, everyone is throwing labels around, and people “unfollow” someone the moment they disagree with them on the slightest point. It’s not a recipe for personal or societal happiness.

Today I want you to walk a mile in your adversary’s shoes. I want you to read something, watch something, talk to someone that you normally completely disagree with. However, rather than seeking to win an argument against them, I want you to really listen and try to understand where they’re coming from, why they believe what they believe, and where you could find some common ground with them.

This could be someone you disagree with politically, spiritually, lifestyle-wise, you name it. Truly pick a person or perspective that normally gets under your skin.

You might be thinking, “Ray, why are you asking me to do this? That person, that network, that idea just sets me off.” That’s precisely WHY you need to do this. Maybe you’ll come away with a little greater understanding for building some bridges.

At the very least, maybe you’ll gain some insight on what it is about that person or idea that sets you off. After all, they may be the match, but there’s something inside you that burns, frustrates, and takes you off track every time you’re exposed to it. In a world where you almost can’t avoid being exposed, maybe it’s time to recognize what that is within you and do some work on it.

Wondering if this can really be done? I’ll leave you with this video. If you’ve never seen it, you may be shocked that something like this could happen. If you have, it’s a great reminder.

I believe your dreams! Meet me halfway and believe in them too!