Speaking It Into Existence

The Universe has your back. Affirmations not only change your thinking. They also change the vibration you’re putting out into the Universe. You are speaking into reality your aspirations.

Consider this. Practically every mythology on the planet states that the Universe was spoken into being. Not only are words powerfully creative within the Universe. They are literally its source, not according to one or two mythological accounts, but according to literally hundreds. Speaking things into existence is as old as time and as powerful as The Universe itself.

Affirmations are simple. String a few powerfully positive words together and infuse your consciousness with them and over. The Universe was literally built to respond to powerful intentions. Make sure you’re consciously giving those intentions to respond to.

You ARE the heir to this process! You can speak a different moment, a different day, a different life into existence. We can can speak a different world into existence.

What do you want to speak into existence today?


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Don’t Give Up!

Happy Wednesday, my friends. There are those moments when setbacks pile up and despair closes in when you feel like maybe you should give up or at least scale back the vision for your life.

Millions of people have. They’ve sold their dreams for the comforts of relative certainty. They’ve convinced themselves that it was foolish to have ever entertained such dangerous nonsense.

If you’re thinking you might join them, here’s my message to you. Don’t give up. Don’t you dare!

Sure life is short and challenging and sometimes downright unfair. Yet, it’s all those things whether you follow your dreams and pursue your highest purpose or not. So, you might as well go for it. You might as well make your proverbial dent in the universe, even if you get bumped and bruised along day.

Don’t be rocking away in your chair at 90 saying, “I wish I would have.”

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember that you are awesome and you can do it!


Heroic Acts

What constitutes a heroic act? One thing’s clear. It’s different acts for different people.

Some may do deeds in front of the whole world, astounding the masses and earning accolades. There’s not a thing wrong with this. It’s simply not the only way to commit heroic acts.

Some people act quietly and purposely away from the spotlight, but achieve enormous good.

For someone battling COVID or cancer or struggling with chronic conditions, a heroic act may just be getting out of bed today.

For someone who’s been victimized or horribly wronged, the act of trusting people again is a heroic act.

For the addict, saying no to one drink, one hit, or one bet is heroic.

Heroic acts come in all shapes and sizes and can be very situational. That’s why I argue with conviction we all have been heroes at one time or another. We all have a hero within us.

Don’t allow the great and public acts of heroism, deserving of praise as they are, diminish or discourage your small act of heroism where you are right now.

They all add up. Every heroic act makes someone’s life or the world a better place.

Appreciate the heroes around you. Own and embody your hero within.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Affirmations: Million Dollar Ideas & I Can Do It

This affirmation is meant to remind and inspire. We literally walk right past million dollar ideas every day. What if we just paid a little more attention?

Million dollar are as common as grass. My million dollar idea is coming to me today.

Four simple words make all the difference. Either we believe we can or we won’t. This affirmation can be used in the moment to pump your belief in your ability to do it.

I CAN do it!