75 Minutes of Relaxing and Releasing to Waterfall and Floating Music

Most of the videos on my YouTube channel are affirmations. However, I’ve been wanting to do some recordings that are the extended relaxation and nature videos. These have become quite popular there in recent years.

So, here’s my first foray into that sphere. This 75-minute recording features a jungle waterfall and pool including the white noise of flowing water and floating electronic music.

The piece is perfect for sleep, meditation, yoga, or other moments or relaxation. Of course, I had to add an Affirmation Spot twist. There are about two dozen #RayQuotes interspersed throughout the video.

I’d really love your feedback in the comments below or on YouTube. Did this recording hit the mark for you? If not, how can I make the next one better?

As always, thank you for reading and supporting this blog. Wherever you are on your journey today, remember you are awesome!



Sleep Well…

Sleep well knowing…

  • You did your best today.
  • You’ll do better tomorrow.
  • You’re making progress on your goals.
  • You’re thinking bigger than ever before.
  • Your purpose is clear.
  • There are NO mistakes.
  • Everything is working for your good.
  • Whatever you need is coming your way.