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Sunset Over Manila Bay

Hello, everyone I hope your week is off to a great start. Sunday April and I got to do two pretty cool things. Sunday morning we journeyed to Manila’s China Town district to visit the Seng Guan Buddhist Temple. It … Continue reading

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11 Affirmations for Letting Go and Moving Forward

We all get stuck sometimes. We fall into habits, even those that don’t benefit us. When it happens we often just need a gentle reminder to push forward, let go, and make new choices. Change is constant. You must be … Continue reading

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Sun Beams in the Oregon Forest

Today’s Affirmation  I am one with the forest. Being among the trees, I am completely grounded. Being with the trees, I am reminded to reach for the sky. Few things are as affirming and restoring as a little time in … Continue reading

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The “I” Problem

Today’s Thought: The tribe says, “Pick a side.” The wise say, “Been there. Done that.” We awaken each day with a default setting that we are the center of the universe. That mindset is represented by the word “I”. “I … Continue reading

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