Mantra for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Hey, my friends!

Limiting beliefs can be a major obstacle to achieving your goals and living your best life. These beliefs can hold you back from taking risks, pursuing your passions, and reaching your full potential. But by adopting a simple morning mantra, you can start each day with a positive mindset and overcome your limiting beliefs.

I created this YouTube shorts video titled Every Morning Mantra for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs. If this is a current challenge in your life, bookmark this and listen to it with intention every morning for a couple of weeks. Even let it run on repeat in the background to really let the concepts infiltrate your subconscious.

Wishing you nothing but your best today!



Embrace the Uncertainty Affirmation

Good evening, my friends.

This affirmation helps you with one of the hardest things we humans face. We like a sure thing. Yet, much of our lives is filled with uncertainty. That’s where change can happen. That’s where the magic can happen. This affirmation helps you embrace this powerful state of being in the uncertainty.

We live in a universe of change. To survive and thrive, we must embrace it.

Wishing you all the best in your adventure of uncertainty.


10 Reasons For Optimism Today

10 Reasons for Optimism on Any Morning

Start your morning positive and optimistic. In this brief video, I lay out 10 reasons anyone can use to begin their day with optimism today. They can all apply to you in your life either as something you recognize in your life today or something you can initiate in your life.

Your day starts with your morning and your morning is decided by your thoughts, especially those spots speaking to your WHY.

Wherever you are on your journey remember how amazing you are.

Put your mind on your side!


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Life Balance Affirmation

Happy Sunday, my friends!

Life is a balance. Stress or stressful thinking can take you out of your connection to the underlying peace of mind that is your birthright. A deep breath and a commitment to refocus can bring you right back to it.

This affirmation, listened to regularly, infuses your mind with the mantra that life is balance and that it ebbs and flows. It can help put you back in that natural rhythm of life that is always right there for you when you return to it.


First-person: Life is balance. It’s give and take. It ebbs and flows and I flow with it.

Second-person: Life is balance. It’s give and take. It ebbs and flows and you flow with it.

Watch and listen to the affirmation on my YouTube channel.

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember you are awesome!


Follow the Rules or Follow Your Heart?

They told you to follow all the rules and you’d be happy and successful.

You gave it your best only to find yourself far down the road and not as fulfilled as you’d hoped.

What gives? Nowhere in following all those outside rules and prescriptions for your life did they tell you that what fulfills comes from within and flows outwards not the other way around.

Thankfully, you have an internal compass that knows where your bliss lives.

Follow your heart. It knows the way.

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember you are awesome!