Good Things Ahead for the Kansas City Chiefs

First, congratulations to our adopted hometown team – the New England Patriots – and their fans. What your team has achieved the past 20 years is historic.

Now, I want to talk to my fellow-KC fans. That was exciting and rough all at the same time last night. My thoughts this morning are of the 2015 Kansas City Royals.

That team came to Spring training, months after an equally heart-breaking loss at home in Game 7 of the World Series, with the mindset “We are the best team in baseball.” With the exception of some floundering in September, they were the best MLB team in 2015 from start to finish.

This Chiefs team needs to go home, reflect, and come back next year with that thought. They need to sure up the defense and keep the same pieces in place on offense. If they do, they have to come into next year as a favorite to be back in the AFC Championship game with a wiser and still wildly talented Patrick Mahomes leading the way.

Many great teams almost got there the year before they went on their championship run. It took Michael Jordan and the Bulls a couple of tries to get past the Pistons and Celtics.

Good things are ahead for this Chiefs team. Even the ageless Tom Brady gets a year older next year. Eventually it gets everyone.

With a few tweaks and a we ARE the best team attitude, next year could be amazing! Let’s face it. That attitude is much of the reason the Patriots have the dynasty they have.

I commented on this at the time, but it bears saying it again. I was fascinated when the Chiefs came to Foxboro the opening week of 2017 and beat the Patriots. I paid attention to the response in both cities. In KC, there was a practical “we’re going to the Super Bowl” jubilation. In the Boston Media, there was angst. Yet, the Patriots players and coaches said basically, “Hey, it’s just one game and we’re still the Patriots.”

The Chiefs went home and the Patriots made that Super Bowl too.

The Chiefs need to develop a mindset like that to go with the talent. If they do, they could be hoisting The Lamar Hunt Trophy and sporting Super Bowl champion rings come 2020.



I’m Inspired Today By…The Kansas City Chiefs

Even though I live in Boston now, I lived the first 50 years of my life in Kansas City. I’ve been one of those long-suffering Kansas City Chiefs fans. I was five years old the last time they went to and won the Super Bowl (Super Bowl IV in January 11, 1970).

Three years ago the Kansas City Royals broke a 30-year World Series drought. I’m hoping the Chiefs can repeat the feat. It only took me moving to Boston for them to achieve it.

Today they take on the team from our adopted hometown – The New England Patriots. While the Chiefs haven’t been to the Super Bowl in almost five decades, the Patriots have been in nine in the last 20 years. It’s a a true David vs. Goliath match-up.

The Patriots have Hall-of-Fame bound Tom Brady hoping lead his team to sixth Super Bowl victory versus Patrick Mahomes the young upstart and probable NFL MVP. I was at the first meeting this year in Foxboro. If today’s game is ANYTHING like that, we are all in for a treat!

Hopefully, by day’s end, The Chiefs will be in their first Super Bowl in the memory of yours truly. Patrick Mahomes feels like the real deal and the perfect changing of the guard for Tom Brady.

My prediction: Chiefs 31 Patriots 27.

Enjoy NFL Championship Sunday!




Aints No More! – The Affirmation Spot for Monday February 8, 2010

Underdogs rejoice! One of pro sport’s most hapless franchises the New Orleans Saints are Super Bowl Champions. Carrying the hopes of a plagued city on their backs, the Saints erased decades of futility and defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 Sunday.

Drew Brees connected on his final 10 passes and tied Tom Brady’s Super Bowl record for completions (32) in leading the Saints to victory. Future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning sealed his team’s fate with a late 4th quarter interception that was returned by Saints defensive back Tracy Porter for the decisive touchdown.

Many remember the 1980s when Saints fans wore paper sacks over their heads to games and called their own team the Aints. Sunday night Saints fans were partying on Bourbon Street in celebration the city’s first ever world championship.

This is the classic have-not reaching the top of the mountain story and it has a message for us all. No matter how low you’ve been. No matter how many times you’ve been knocked down or denied, as long as there is breath there is hope.

Five years ago the city of New Orleans was on its back. Tonight it’s on its collective feet. Have courage! Have strength! Know for certain that your tomorrow can be better than your today!

This victory is one for all of us who keep the faith! Always remember a challenge only becomes an obstacle when we bow to it. For true believers like the New Orleans Saints, the city of New Orleans, and I hope you obstacles are only shortcuts to something better than you had planned.

Stay inspired!


2010 Affirmation

2010 is MY year! This is the year I break free! This is the year I break through! This is the year I break out!

Super Bowl Affirmations – The Affirmation Spot for Sunday February 7, 2010

Hey, it’s Super Bowl Sunday! So, what else but some humorous Super Bowl Affirmations? Have fun and enjoy the game!

  1. Today I am giving myself completely to the hype that is the Super Bowl.
  2. Today I am remembering every Super Bowl commercial so that I am fully prepared for tomorrow’s office discussion about them.
  3. I can and I will say no the 7-layer dip on the third round!
  4. I am absolutely committed to sitting through 11 hours of pregame without taking a nap!
  5. I promise to tune in early to watch highlights of the first 43 Super Bowls. (Just want to double check my suspicion that Brett Farve actually started Super Bowl I for the Packers)
  6. Today I am ready and willing to root shamelessly for a team I could care less about the rest of the season as if they are my own team!
  7. I am experiencing new levels of excitement about the Super Bowl this year since the all-important Pro Bowl is out of the way!
  8. I am confident that I have taken all necessary precautions to prevent a repeat of last year’s Aunt Betty costume malfunction.
  9. Breathing in I accept that the Super Bowl is preempting 60 Minutes this week. Breathing out I know that it will be back next week.
  10. Today I am thinking young thoughts each time someone under 40 asks me if I have ever heard of the band playing at halftime.

Smile. Have fun. Colts fans and Saints fans enjoy the game and good luck to your team. To everyone else, enjoy the festivities.

Stay inspired!


2010 Affirmation

2010 is MY year! This is the year I break free! This is the year I break through! This is the year I break out!