Our Lives Are Made of Moments Design

I tweet from momentary inspiration a lot. Over the years, it’s allowed me to coin many quotes.

As I’ve begun to design motivational print-on-demand apparel, I’ve started drawing on that database of original quotes.

The latest pulls on a quote that reminds us how precious this moment and the next moment and the one after that are.

Our lives are made of moments. Never waste one.

If this design resonates with you, consider ordering it in your favorite form and sharing with the people you encounter. Every little bit raises the vibration.

Your order automatically enters you into our monthly drawing to WIN a custom-designed t-shirt.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!



Create a Better Normal in 2021

Here we are entering the final week of 2020. I’d imagine for many of us, this year has been the most challenging, dare I say, despised year of our lives.

Yet, as I’ve been saying from the beginning, challenge and difficulty are often doorways to opportunities we’d have never discovered in ordinary times. I hope you have found this year of challenge to also be an awakening and a chance to find new meaning in your daily life, in your relationships, and on your path.

With the COVID-19 vaccines now coming online, there’s hope that some time in 2021 we will return to “normal.” What does that mean and what could it mean?

Normal is generalized term for the complacency and auto-pilot mode our lives have often settled before an upset. Do we really want to return to that place where we were just cruising along or do we want and will we demand something better of ourselves and our world?

The push for normal next year will reveal the work we have or have not done during this time. Are we more compassionate or less? Are we more in it together or more fractured? Are we ready to take major leaps into the human future or will we insist on fighting old circular battles that have snared us before?

Time will tell. Have we become students of the moment or did we miss the lesson? I believe that many people did find new perspective this year and that we will see that reflected in the years ahead. I believe we have flushed old wounds and chosen new ways to think that will lead us where we are destined to go as a species.

In any case, let those of us reading these words be committed creating a normal better than the one we left behind.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


I am designing masks that express the better world we hope to see ahead. If you have a moment, please check them out and share.

Honest Expressions Apparel by The Affirmation Spot

Hey, my friends. Happy Saturday!

I am a HUGE believer that every one of us should secure our economic well-being by creating multiple revenue streams. A job or a small business alone is not enough to ensure that our families are economically secure today and that we can continue to live the lifestyle we deserve in retirement.

We should diversify and create multiple revenue streams. The simplest form of this is to take part of our current income and invest it. This may be through a 401(k) at work, a personal IRA, or a personal brokerage account. Years ago people put their money in savings accounts or CDs, but the rates on those today simply do not keep up with inflation. You need to find a place to put your money where it can work for you.

Another way to create more economic security today and for your future is to create multiple revenue streams. For April and me, retirement is no longer this far off time. Purely by age, we’ll be at retirement age in the next decade. By desire, we’d like to get there a little sooner.

One of the revenue streams we’ve begun working on is creating apparel designs and selling them over on TeeSpring. Our “line” is called Honest Expressions by The Affirmation Spot. Our vision is to create apparel that speaks your heart and speaks your mind.

The designs center very much around the kinds of themes you’ve seen me write about on this blog for years – personal development, affirmations, mindset, and a positive vision for the future.

Two of our latest designs speak both to the challenge and frustration 2020 has posed for all of us and to our ability to thrive and smile, despite those challenges.

I’d humbly ask you to take a look at the designs in our store. We’re adding more all the time. If something speaks to you and for you, order it.

I’d also love to hear your ideas for more designs!

Here are links to the two designs. Thank you spending a moment of your time to take a look!

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