Blogging can sometimes be such a one-way communication. I want to start flipping the script on Sunday. I’m starting a new feature called Support Sundays. What can we all be sending you positive vibes about this week?

For many of us Sunday is a day of rest or a day to work on your side-hustle or a day to prepare for the coming week.

One of the HUGE benefits of social media is the ability to help each other out, not just with our posts, but also with our mindsets.

With that in mind, what’s on your plate this week that we can be sending you positive vibes about?

Do you have a big presentation at work? Are waiting for the results of medical test? Are you taking a big step to move your side-hustle forward? Whatever it is, more minds sending positive vibes is HUGE help!

Comment below. What can you use some positive vibes about this week?

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you ARE awesome!


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