Nine Psoriasis Affirmations

Having dealt with psoriasis myself, I know frustrating, itchy, and self-conscious it can make you. I wrote these affirmations am beginning to use them myself. If you have psoriasis or another skin condition or know someone who does, I’d love to have you use these too and report back. I’ll likely be making a recorded version of these and posting them on my YouTube channel.

Psoriasis Affirmations

1) I may have psoriasis, but psoriasis does not have me!
2) I refuse to lose to psoriasis!
3) My skin is beautiful and psoriasis-free!
5) I love my skin and my skin loves me!
4) Day by day, my skin is healing!
6) Each and every day, my itching goes away.
7) Day by day, my sores go away!
8) Day by day, my pain subsides!
9) I refuse to allow psoriasis to steal my confidence!

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Note most of these affirmations can be used for Acne, Dermatitis, and other skin conditions.