5-Minute Morning Affirmations – Higher Vibration Affirmations

We don’t live in a world anymore where we can afford low-vibration thinking and energy in high places. However, my confidence that those power will suddenly raise their vibrations and mend their ways is low.

To paraphrase Mary Kay Ash, “If it’s to be, it’s up to us.”

These affirmations help you focus and raise your vibration to begin your day. This makes you a conduit through whom love, light, and a raised vibration can thrive in the world.

If enough of us do that each day, the days of fear and anger and division are numbered on this planet,

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember you are awesome!


5-Minute Morning Affirmations – Authenticity Affirmations Video

Hey, my friends! Happy Sunday night. I’m starting a new series of morning affirmation videos in my YouTube channel.

The concept is simple. Affirmations on a particular topic to get your day started right all in about five minutes.

The first video is on Authenticity. It’s so important, now more than ever, for us to be our authentic selves. These affirmations will help you by encouraging you to be more authentic in all your interactions.

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember you are awesome!


Download the MP3 Version of these affirmations.

Money Is Not Evil It’s Energy

Many of us have a very negative relationship with money. We’ve heard our whole lives that it’s “the root of all evil.” Is it really?

We feel guilty for wanting it and for having it. This is a battle I’ve fought in my own life. We need to let it go.

It’s true money is the basis for many evil actions in the world. Its pursuit manifests greed, selfishness, even war and exploitation. Those are actions of human minds and human hearts.

Money itself is simply a means of exchange. Since all exchanges are really exchanges of energy. Money is a means of exchanging measured amounts of energy.

The same hearts and minds that use it to commit the evil acts mentioned above can use it exchange enormous good. You can use it ethically both to help others and appropriate an abundant lifestyle during your time here on Earth.

You’re not less spiritual or ethical for wanting that or achieving it.

Perhaps there is a better way to exchange energy than money and perhaps one day human civilization will find it and adopt it.

For now, money is the means of having the experiences and the things that make life enjoyable.

We’re all familiar with other aphorisms. The best things in life are free and money can’t buy love or happiness. True enough. I’m not suggesting an adoration for money or elevating it above what it deserves. Rather, I’m suggesting that spending your life at war with it only serves to deny you a life you can have and certainly deserve.

LOVE this quote by Jake Ducey! It sums us of power money gives us to do good.

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember you are awesome!

I’ll write to you again soon.


Your Happiness Scale

You often hear people say, “Don’t let it steal your happiness/joy.”

They’re often referring to some trivial, in their eyes, circumstance that you’re allowing to bring down your mood and ruin your day.

There’s a chance they’re right. You’re overreacting and should release it and reclaim your happiness. They might also be wrong. You get decide what upsets you and what doesn’t.

The trouble is you’re not always sure you should be upset. Sometimes you don’t even want to be, but you are.

Here’s a simple mental exercise you can do to determine if it’s worth the emotional investment it takes to be upset and upend your happiness.

Visualize a scale like the one shown above. on one side of the scale, see the word happiness or joy, if you prefer. On the other side, see the circumstances that have you upset. Focus for a moment. See your scale clearly.

Now, ask yourself one simple question. Which is more important to me right now – my happiness/joy or allowing myself to be angry and upset?

Answer the question honestly. Then recognize that it is 100 percent your choice which to choose.

Make no mistake. Happiness is a choice. Remaining upset or angry is a choice. Neither option is forced upon you. You maintain compete autonomy to decide which will rule your mind right now and this day, week, year, or lifetime.

Sometimes a little anger can be short-term fuel for positive change, but it’s not a fuel to run a life by. It’s too toxic and corrosive.

Happiness and joy are ever-present, right here whenever you need them. You haven’t been cheated. They’re as accessible to you right now as they are to any other person on the planet. They are accessed by a choice and a quiet determination not to succumb to the negative.

You do you, but do the you that bear serves you,

Wherever you are on your journey, know I believe in you!


More Compassion and Empathy

Happy Sunday, my friends. Can I ask a favor of you? Can you really focus and entertain the importance of this topic.

We live in a social media world and a real world at the moment that is crippled by toxic anger and judgment.

Compassion and empathy are the baseline emotions of an advanced civilization. If humanity is to reach its destined potential, we must establish them as our baseline. The easy anger and ready judgment that marks our culture is a step backwards for the human race.

We will never become the enlightened, spacefaring civilization we can become, if we are forever tangled with each other in circular arguments and chronic conflict.

Consider this as a new course for you personally, because that’s where this shift must begin, and for our civilization as a whole.

As you do remember how special you are and how special is every single person you encounter today. Let’s treat each other as such.