Better and Better Days Ahead

Each of us, all of us must believe that better days are ahead for humanity. To believe even a little, and especially a lot, that our thoughts create our world; we must take ownership in the world we are participating in creating.

If we contribute our thinking and energy to creating chaos and dystopia, then that is what we shall have. If, instead, we put our focus and encourage others to put their focus on humanity’s highest potential coming true, that is what we will create.

Not one of us is or can afford to be a by-stander in raising our thinking and raising our eyes and creating the world we want for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and generations to come.

Oh, and just in case no one else reminded you today, you are awesome!


Is Your Mindset Ready for the New World of Opportunity?


  1. I am a smart investor and I get smarter each and every day.
  2. My dreams can pay the bills as well as my job.
  3. I have a millionaire mindset.
  4. I see the potential in the changes coming to the world and I take advantage of them.
  5. I keep what serves me and release what holds me back.

Hey, fellow affirmers, good morning. I try to avoid making money the sole measure of happiness or success. I’m a firm believer that everyone who seeks eventually discovers what those words look like for them.

Still, we live a world where money makes a difference. It decides what experiences you get to have. It can decide the quality of your days – whether they’re spent doing what you love or doing what you have to do.

We live in an amazing and a scary time economically. There are legitimate questions about the sustainability of the economic status quo. There are legitimate concerns about its equitableness and whether having fewer and fewer people control more and more of the total wealth is undermining an aspirational future.
Here’s a fact you may not know, though. More millionaires are being created right now than ever before. Check out these statistics. They speak both to the opportunity before us and the challenges in the outcomes created in the current system.

  • The United States added 675,000 new millionaires from 2018 to 2019 alone.
  • The total number of millionaires in US equals to 18.6 million.
  • There are 705 billionaires in the United States.
  • There are 293,992 millionaire households in New Jersey.
  • 76% of US millionaires are white or Caucasian.
  • The city with the biggest concentration of ultra-rich millionaires is New York with 8,865 UHNW.
  • The United States’ millennial millionaires own an average of three properties with a real estate portfolio worth $1.4 million.
  • About 44% of the millennial millionaires of the US are concentrated in California.
  • 47% of the world’s wealth is controlled by the top 1% UHNW individuals.

Very few of these people are doing it through a 9-5 job. Most are making their money one of two ways. They’ve either started a business – often online – or they are making money in the market.

Recent events around the Wall Street Bets Game Stop situation gave me an insight. Many people are in the market for the first time. We’re hearing by the day how AI and robotics is going to replace job after job in industry after industry.

Is it possible the income stream of the future is investing in the companies we used to work for? Is it possible that market literacy will be THE skill of the future?
I know this sounds kind of crazy right now, but big change is afoot and something has to give. This change will present unprecedented opportunities to live the kind of human life we all ought to be living. One filled with choices and the ability to truly pursue our dreams.

The fact is big change is a big chance for each and every one of use to reshape your financial present and our financial future. There may have never been a time where this was so feasible for someone willing to learn and make the effort.

The world will look different in the coming years and decades. If you’re old enough, like me, to remember the world before all the technology we have today, that world seems anachronistic. I predict that in 20 years our world will seem older school than that world does today. That’s how fast and how dramatic the changes are about to be.

Start getting your mind around it and your mindset prepared to thrive in that world.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


Affirmations for the Human Future

Hey, my friends. Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Thursday. I’m sharing my latest video with you. It’s a five-minute escape from this crazy moment and a journey into an aspirational and affirmational future we humans can choose.

Wishing you and those important to you a beautiful evening!

As always, just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


The Water, the Rock, and the Maginot Line

After World War I, France built a massive line of fixed fortified concrete bunkers and walls. It was called the Maginot Line and it’s gone down as one of history’s great blunders. The goal was to prevent future invasions by Germany like the one in 1914.

The problem was the French were fighting the previous war and the Germans were preparing themselves to fight the next one. In a World War I framework, an adversary would have been crazy to conduct a frontal assault against the Maginot Line.

By 1940, when the Germans quickly overran France, the Germans simply flew their planes over it and drove their tanks around it. The massive fortification did nothing to defend France and their reliance upon it caused them not to otherwise prepare.

The stark imagery of this example has gone down in history as a metaphor of stolid, dogmatic thinking in the face of change.

Wisdom is adaptation to the moment. Fixed thinking, like the Maginot Line, is not up to facing new challenges.

A similar metaphor is that of the a rock and water. A rock is solid, strong, immovable. Water is soft and pliant. It goes over and around the rock. Watched for a day or a week, the rock appears to be winning the battle. It’s holding its ground and standing firm. However, come back in a year or five or fifty. Over time, the water will wear the rock into nothing.

New challenges require us to be agile and adaptive. We live in a world, especially now, that is not only experiencing massive change in this moment, but is nearing the birth of a very different world where many old paradigms are going to be tested.

If we don’t adapt, we can look forward to the fate of the rock and the Maginot Line.

If we work to understand the difference between immutable principles and merely habitual thinking, a very important distinction, we will find ways to navigate and thrive in this new world.

Better days are ahead for humanity, if we’re smart, flexible, and principled.

My grandmother lived from 1904 to 1988. When she was five, her family got into a horse-drawn wagon and rode outside of town to observe the 1910 passing of Halley’s Comet. When she was 64, she witnessed a man walking on the moon.

Wagon thinking would never have gotten us to the moon in six decades. New thinking was required.

It’s very likely that in two or three decades our world will be more advanced and changed relative to today than 1969 was to 1910.

That kind of change holds both peril and opportunity. Who will we be? Will our technology run us or will we use our technology to benefit humanity in ways never before imagined? Will power and wealth be held in fewer a fewer hands or will we finally create an egalitarian society where our genius meets our basic needs and we have the freedom to explore our highest aspirations?

I don’t and I won’t let this moment get me down. We’re going through the growing pains of massive transformation. Whether it is to the benefit or detriment of most human beings is being decided, as tomorrow always is, by our thoughts, words, and actions today.

Stay safe. Stay well. Amazing things are on the way! Oh, and by the way, just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Let Idealism Be Your Realism – Day 325 of 365 Days to a Better You

Did you used to be young and idealistic? Are you right now? If you’re part of the first group, when and where did you lose it? If you’re part of the second group, please, please never lose it.

“Realism” is too often used as an excuse for dashing hope, giving new things a try, or seeing a better world or a better you is even possible.

“That’s just not realistic,” says your inner voice, the naysayers, the media , and current structure of the world. Sometimes it appears in the form of a command, “Be realistic!” Sometimes in the form of an excuse to yourself, “I’m just being realistic.”

Have you ever noticed that being realistic is never aimed in positive direction? No one ever says they’re being realistic by expecting good things to happen or the world to become a better place.

No, realism, in it’s most common use, is a wet blanket, a limiter, a euphemism for closet negativity.

If being realistic was the standard, what great thing ever would have been tried much less achieved?

So, I don’t buy it. When I hear someone pull out the realism card, I just hear someone ceding to the status quo, giving up without trying, and hoping they can convince others to remain hopeless and mediocre along with them.

I say to you. Let idealism be your realism. Never become such an “adult” that you stop seeing and striving for big possibilities. The truth is the realistic status quo we live in just isn’t good enough. It just doesn’t ensure the freedom, security, and basic needs of enough people on this planet. It doesn’t point us to the stars or to higher spiritual achievement.

Let’s choose to become totally unrealistic. Let’s bust the ceilings, break the barriers, and open the doors to a new day for human beings and all living creatures on our planet. Sure, there’ll be naysayers. So what? So what?

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you’re awesome!


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