Affirmations for Eliminating Writer’s Block

Good morning, my friends. Are you a writer, a blogger, an author, or a poet? This meditation with writer’s block releasing affirmations is for you.

We all get stuck with our writing occasionally. This 15-minute relaxing listen has affirmations meant to free your mind and release the blocks and get you back on the page.

Wishing you an amazing Tuesday!

Fibromyalgia Affirmations

Hey, my friends. I hope you are all thriving this week!

As someone who deals with Addison’s Disease, I know that autoimmune diseases can be frustrating and painful. It can feel a little like the world is working against you some days; sometimes every day for stretches.

I created these affirmations specifically for Fibromyalgia people. They are not a substitute for your medical care, but they are a great way to relax and focus on the thing you can control – your perspective.

As the first affirmations states, “I may have Fibromyalgia, but Fibromyalgia will never have me.” You can live a full and exciting life, even with this condition.

These affirmations help you focus on putting you back in control of what you can control – your thinking.

Wishing you peace and no pain today.


Guided Meditation with Affirmations for Attracting More Money into Your Life

Good morning, my friends.

This meditation with affirmations for attracting more money into your life is best listened to when you can relax or in the background as you move through your day.

Neuroscientists say that up 95 percent of your thinking is subconscious, and your subconscious mind makes about 90 percent of your decisions for you.

We like to think that we are reasonable beings making conscious choices, but often we’re on autopilot. That part of the mind is fed limiting beliefs, about money and other things, all day, every day.

Affirmations are a way to fight back and choose the thinking you want to “control” your paradigms. Listen to these affirmations regularly for 21 days and then periodically afterwards.

May money flow into your life like a mighty river!


15-Minute Guided Meditation with Affirmations for Attracting More Money into your life.

Guided Meditation for Releasing the Past and Choosing Your Future

Hello, my friends. I hope you’re thriving this weekend!

Let go of your past and embrace your future with these affirmations. You can’t move forward with your past weighing you down. Lay back, relax, and let these affirmations retrain your mind to release the past see your potential to move forward and succeed.

Enjoy and I’d love your feedback.


Buddhist Affirmations Guided Meditation

Hello, my friends. Today’s affirmations come in the form of the latest video on my YouTube channel.

These affirmations for those who practice Buddhism. The recording is a guided meditation with 25 affirmations that help people enhance their practice. If you’re not a Buddhist, the video may provide a relaxing get-away. There are a few affirmations that will readily apply to you.

Remember, wherever you are on your journey, you are amazing!

Have a fantastic weekend!