8 Selfless Things You Can Do Today – Day 268 of 365 Days to a Better You

Every day, if you look, provides numerous opportunities to do something selfless. Here are eight selfless things you could probably in less than an hour today.

  1. YELP review – did you recently have great experience with a local business? Take a few minutes to write a glowing review for them on YELP.
  2. Plug someone’s work – retweet, share, or recommend a creative person’s work. It could be an author, a podcaster, an artist, a singer, or another blogger. Social media makes this so easy. Liking is nice, but if you really appreciate someone’s work, share it with the world.
  3. Give the best tip – next time you’re at a restaurant and get great service or see that someone’s working hard but having a tough day, make their day. Don’t just give them the standard 15 percent. Reward them with the best tip they’re likely to get all day.
  4. Share your parking space – we’ve all felt the frustration of trying to find a parking space in a busy parking lot. Find a way to make someone’s day by helping them get your spot when you leave.
  5. Go the extra mile – when someone asks for a favor or needs your help, give them a little more then they asked for. Give a little extra. People will be surprised a $ appreciative.
  6. Good regifting – when it’s your birthday or even Christmas, ask people to skip the gift for you and give it to a great cause. Facebook has made this super simple.
  7. Appreciation– who gets enough appreciation in this world? Almost every day, I pick 3-5 people – at work, on social media, or in my personal life -and I tell them how much I appreciate what they do and what how much value it brings to everyone.
  8. Set the example – help other people be more generous by setting an example. Research shows other people are more willing to do something kind for the next person when they’ve received a kindness. Start the ripple that becomes a wave.

Most of all, be aware. Opportunities to be selfless present themselves all the time. “When you see a chance”, as the old Steve Winwood song says, “take it.”

Make today your best day yet this week! I love you all!


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