Everything Happens for a Reason

“Everything happens for a reason.” I’ll bet most of us have uttered that phrase a few hundred times in our lives.

Often it’s in a moment when something happens that doesn’t make sense or seems unfair. It’s a way to buoy your spirit in a tough moment.

I wonder, though. Do you really believe it? Do you believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason? That would mean that literally nothing happens without a reason and literally everything serves a purpose.

It’s a challenging belief to hold in the face of tragedy and injustice, but it’s also a transcendently powerful belief. Hers why.

If you believe it, then this moment, whatever it is has a purpose. Your life and all your experiences have a purpose. The same is true for every other person and living being around you.

Life has a purpose. The spin of the solar system and the galaxy has a purpose. The universe itself and whatever lies beyond has a purpose.

Their are no accidents, missteps, or mistakes. Everything, despite how it seems, plays a role in the utter perfection and perfect timing of everything else.

For we mere mortals, stuck in the push and pull of time and space, it takes profound wisdom to see the perfection of the big picture. That’s especially true when that perfection means challenge and heartache for us.

Yet, the big perfection requires us all to sacrifice a little for its achievement.

So, the next time you use that phrase, consider the power behind those words and strive to see the bigger perfection beyond this self and this moment.

Wherever you are on your journey today, you are awesome!


Silence Your Inner Critic

How well you know that voice. It’s the one that constantly generates turbulence and doubt and, when all else fails, attacks you mercilessly in an attempt to limit you.

Many have referred to this as your inner critic. It appears in those moments when you’re at your lowest and weakest and kicks you in the gut just for good measure.

Today I call on you to silence that critic, but not in the way you might suspect. The temptation might be to fight fire with fire and silence it by becoming angry or hostile towards it and at yourself for allowing it spew its toxic thinking all over your aspirations.

I ask you to see who it really is. It’s the small child that was picked last for the playground team. It’s the wounded child that felt the pain of every setback and hardened a shell around itself for protection. It’s the child that was mistreated by the world and vowed never again.

Be gentle with it. Show it love and compassion. Reassure it that going after your dreams and trusting other people is OK and even necessary.

Win it over to your cause until that inner critic, like the proverbial caterpillar, transforms into your most ardent supporter; always quietly saying, “You can,” rather than “You can’t.”

With time, effort, and patience, your inner critic becomes your inner cheerleader.

Thank you for your support of this blog. Wherever you are on your journey today, remember you are awesome!


Three Thoughts Before You Go to Sleep

No matter what you’re threatened with or how much you’re laughed at, never stop beating these drums.

A river has hope because it never stops moving forward.

Question to ask ourselves everyday: Am I helping to move the world forward or participating in its dysfunction?

Hope you had an amazing day. Remember, wherever you are on your journey, you’re awesome!


Don’t Give Up!

Happy Wednesday, my friends. There are those moments when setbacks pile up and despair closes in when you feel like maybe you should give up or at least scale back the vision for your life.

Millions of people have. They’ve sold their dreams for the comforts of relative certainty. They’ve convinced themselves that it was foolish to have ever entertained such dangerous nonsense.

If you’re thinking you might join them, here’s my message to you. Don’t give up. Don’t you dare!

Sure life is short and challenging and sometimes downright unfair. Yet, it’s all those things whether you follow your dreams and pursue your highest purpose or not. So, you might as well go for it. You might as well make your proverbial dent in the universe, even if you get bumped and bruised along day.

Don’t be rocking away in your chair at 90 saying, “I wish I would have.”

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember that you are awesome and you can do it!


Bold Thoughts, Bold Action

Positive, empowered thinking is only the start. Until that thinking is converted to bold action, we change little about our lives or the world. Once that thinking becomes bold action, we are capable of changing just about anything about the world or our lives.

Consider how many people had the chance to conceive gravity before Newton, but took no action. How many could have held the Wright Brothers’ place in history, had they only put their ideas for human flight into action? Who else had words as beautiful and powerful as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but never acted on them and so never changed the course of history?

I’d posit that there were many others who could have replaced these names in history had they simply acted on their thoughts or ideas.

What amazing thinking have you manifested, but not acted upon? How might it change your life and the world, if only you acted? Something to ponder today. Something to act upon today.

Wherever you are on your journey, you are awesome!