Pep Talk – Let the Past Be the Past

Good evening, my friends!

The past. At every moment in our lives, it comprises all of our lived life to this moment. It’s easy to remain stuck there, stop experiencing the new presents whizzing by you fast, and closing the door to possible futures.

This brief pep talk is meant to get you out of that mode. There is an affirmation included in the beginning, but you can use the entire pep talk as a kind of affirmation. Listen regularly to make sure your mindset is let go and embrace…let go and embrace.

Have a beautiful day!



Your Underdog Story – Prove Them All Wrong

Hey, my friends. I hope you’re thriving this week!

Do you ever feel like the underdog in your own life? Do you ever feel the odds are against you and you wonder if you’ll ever have your shining moment?

This video will inspire you to push forward!

Wherever you are on your journey today, you’re awesome!


One-Minute Morning Pep Talk – Be Bad to Be Great

Good morning, my friends. This morning’s one minute pep talk calls on us to be willing to be bad at something to be great. Often, our dreams never get started because we’re afraid to be bad or to fail.

Take this one in and have a great Thursday!


Affirmations for Eliminating Writer’s Block

Good morning, my friends. Are you a writer, a blogger, an author, or a poet? This meditation with writer’s block releasing affirmations is for you.

We all get stuck with our writing occasionally. This 15-minute relaxing listen has affirmations meant to free your mind and release the blocks and get you back on the page.

Wishing you an amazing Tuesday!