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Daily Motivator #22 – Playing the Hand Life Deals You

Releasing old frustration at the hand we were originally dealt in life allows us to play the hand we now have. Advertisements

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Know Thyself


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Just a reminder in case you forget. ‘Nuff said.

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Confidence Affirmation: Conquer Yourself

This is a video affirmation meant to instill confidence. It’s set to a video of roaring fireplace. Affirmation: It is not mountain I conquer, but myself! I am reaching for the top of the mountain and my day in the … Continue reading

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Tips for Becoming a Positive Thinker

In the training world, there is constant discussion about what constitutes a learnable, trainable skill and what falls into the realm of motivation or determination. For instance, I can train a sales manager with the knowledge and the skills that … Continue reading

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10 Courage Affirmations

Today’s quote: “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” ~ Anais Nin Today I am featuring some affirmations on courage. We are human beings and our courage ebbs and flows based on how we feel in a given … Continue reading

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The 10 Promises

There comes a time to make certain commitments to yourself. That time is now. Here are 10 promises to make to yourself to begin getting the results you want in life. Why is now the time? Because! Because you know … Continue reading

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