Hawaiian Dream Vacation Affirmations

Good morning, friends!

Take a six-minute break and go experience the Hawaiian Islands. Visualize an upcoming trip, manifest a “someday” trip,” or just relax and enjoy.

May the spirit of Aloha be with you all day.



We Hiked the Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail on Kauai


I reconnect to myself by reconnecting with nature.

Happy Saturday, my friends. We’ve begun our third and final week on Kauai and our first week of actual vacation.

After 15 years of coming to the amazing Garden Isle, we’ve been looking for new things do that we’ve never experienced before.

We love to hike and today we tackled the relatively easy, but stunningly beautiful Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail.

This two plus mike trail, actually trails, move along the sea cliffs of Kauai’s south shore from Poipu to the east.

Most of the trail is fifty to one hundred feet above the ocean. There’s a choice of an oceanside trail or a more inland trail through the jungle. We did the former on the way out and the latter on the way back.

These are the experiences we live for and come here expecting. Enjoy our adventure.



Sailing to Kauai’s NaPali Cost

April and I are enjoying a trip to the The Garden Island of Kauai this week. Today we are sailing along the one-of-a-kind NaPali coast.

Here are a few pics! We just love the Hawaii vibe. It’s our go-to place to feel good.

We’ve seen whales, dolphins, and more. Here’s a little taste.



Ray’s Hawaii Photos

Today’s affirmation is:

“I allow the beauty, spirit, and power of these islands to infuse every cell of my being!” (click the affirmation to get great mp3 affirmations at The Affirmation Spot)

Thought I would post some of the photographs from our recent trip to Hawaii. For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you saw me posting during the trip. Here are some visuals to go along with the words. Truly, this beautiful paradise sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is beyond words.

Travel is a huge motivator for many people. We absolutely love traveling and our favorite place of all favorite places is Hawaii. I went through many struggles in my teens and 20’s. There was a time in my life when I would have thought vacations like this one or many other goals were impossible for me.

If you’re feeling down today or going through a rough time in your life, I want you to look at these images and let them awaken you. Everything is possible. Today you don’t have to do anything except believe that. Believe that your today is not all you are or all you are capable of being. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE WITHIN YOU!

People who know my story of how I was on my deathbed at 25 often ask me how I got it turned around. That’s it! That’s the secret. I believed. Even in the toughest moments, it is absolutely possible. I knew more was possible for me. I knew I was destined to do something.

Whatever your goal or dream and where ever you are along the path to achieving it. Believe…just for today!

Stay inspired and enjoy the photos.