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Love/Relationships Confidence

Confidence Mantra (video)


Dancer (video)

My World Affirmations

Prosperity Mantra (video)

Cosmetologist Hindu Smoking (video)
Health/Fitness/ Weight Loss

Immune System (video)

Weight Loss/Management

Courage Law of Attraction (video) Soccer
Career/Jobs Creativity Leadership Singer & Songwriter
Business/ Entrepreneurship Dreams/Goals Master Chef (video) Soldier
Author/Writer/Poet Earth Mother Student

Test Success Affirmations


Sales Mantra (video)

Easter Monday  Success
Actor/Actress Empowerment

The Self-Empowerment Affirmation

Patience Sunday
Abundance Father Peace (video) Swimming
Baseball Football Photographer Teacher
Basketball Pianist Tuesday
Be The Change Forgiveness Possibility Visionary
Belief Freedom Potential Wednesday
Bliss Friday Prayer of Affirmation Full Body Scan Meditation (video)

Noble Eightfold Path (video)

Golf (video) Pregnancy 12 Positive Thoughts to Start Your Day (video)

Jesus is My Rock (video)

Greatness Prosperity Mantra (video)
Clarity Growth Runner
Compassion Gymnastics Self-Esteem