Go After Today Like a Puppy Would

Harper wishes you good morning and encourages you to go after it today like a puppy would.

Harper has reminded us of the eternal curiosity and exuberance that a puppy brings to life.

However many years we have on our tires, it’s good to remember that life is a gift. There’s always something new to learn. And, darn it, it’s supposed to be fun.

Have a day like Harper!

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Two Weeks with Harper – We’re in Love

Harper, our weimardoodle, came home two weeks ago today. She’s absolutely worked her way into our hearts.

It’s been 16 years since we were puppy parents. So, we’re in training again too. We’re all learning together.

This sweet Miss is going to be an amazing dog and a member of our family for a long time to come.

Here’s some proud papa pictures.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


The Love of a Good Dog

The love of a good dog is forever. In January as some of you will recall, we lost our 16 year old lab Mia. Mia was my constant side kick for a decade and a half and a beloved part of our family..

I worked at home for most of those years and we spent every day together. The thought of another dog has not been something we were entertaining…at least not yet. Losing Mia was devastating. I wasn’t sure I was ready to give that much love to another dog.

For my birthday, my wife and daughter surprised me with the gift of a new puppy. I was thrilled, shocked, and have wondered how I’ll be with this new dog? How will we make her life unique and not constantly living in Mia’s shadow?

We’ve waited more than a month . This Saturday we finally get to bring Harper home. She’s a weimardoodle.

I still don’t have answers to my questions about how Harper will make her way into our heart, as Mia did. There is no replacing Mia or the flood of happy memories she left in her wake.

However, i know this. We are,, I am ready to make new memories with this beautiful little girl. Fifteen years from now, I know she too will have contributed to the richness of our lives.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesone!


Appreciate What You Have NOW – Day 326 of 365 Days to a Better You

My apologies for being away, my friends. We’ve been traveling in Hawaii. Enjoying the incredible natural beauty here is not always conducive to blogging.

Yesterday my wife and I made one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make. We had put our beloved black lab Mia to sleep. She was 151/2 years old. She’d fought the good fight,including a cross country move back to Kansas City this year.

To say that Mia was loved would completely understate the truth. She and I had a special bond formed when she was a puppy and I was her one constant while my wife traveled for her job. Our whole family and many of our friends knew and loved Mia. She returned that love in abundance like the kind, gentle soul she was.

Death, damn you, is the constant affliction of the living. The relationships – human and animal – we form here in these brief years or decades belie the cosmic journey every living thing is on.

Despite the fact I saw Mia as my true companion for these years, she’s on her own journey and so are all of us. We touched for a few moments of this game of time and space. We formed a bond that will be forever, but we are all spinning along this path like stars swirling around a galaxy.

We live with the memories of that wonderful time together. Now, we go back about the eternal journey we were all on before we “met”this time.

Saints and philosophers have sought cures for the death that separates us from those we love in these time and space encounters. Some have proposed to stop the process of craving that manifests into these lives where we experience pain. Others have suggested that a special being or beings can save us from death.

Death defies reason or belief’s ability to comprehend. It can feel painful and unfair.

All of I’ve come to in these many years of pondering the fate of living things is this.

  1. Enjoy every moment while you have it. Don’t take your family, your friends, or your pet for granted. The time together in this place in this form is short.
  2. There is a reason and a purpose in it all. There was a reason Mia came into our lives and we came into hers. Now that momentary reason has been satisfied. It’s time for a new combination of variables so that we can all complete the path we’re on.
  3. Nothing is ever truly lost. We’re all manifestations of something all wise, all knowing, and all encompassing. As Marianne Williamson has often said, “there’s really only one of us here.” That one has a reason for the roles we each play and it’s a bond, a connection that can never be broken.

Yes, Mia’s consciousness has left the form we cherished and gone back to the great recycling bin of life, as we all one day will. Yet, we didn’t just meet 15 years ago. These forms aren’t who we really are. We’ve been bubbles on the ocean of life sticking together for a passing moment. But, you, Mia, and me are all made of ocean not bubbles. We’ve been together forever on this path.

To my sweet little girl, it’s not goodbye. It’s until we play the game together again. Thanks for being an awesome friend on this go-around.

In case no one else reminded you today, you’re awesome!


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Monday Morning Motivator – 108 and Still Going

This our beautiful black lab, Mia. She’s been my daily shadow for 15 human years.

Mia says, “Good morning.” She also says, “I’m 108. If am still trying, so can you.”

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