Tuesday Morning Affirmation

Good morning, my friends.

There’s a fantastic story that’s been circulating the Internet for years about two wolves. The story is being shared by grandfather with his grandson.

The story goes they are constantly doing battle within us. One represents all that is positive and good. The other represents all that is negative.

The grandson finally asks, “Grandfather, which wolf win?” The grandfather answers, “The one you feed.”

Dreams and doubts are the same way. If you feed your doubts and focus on all the obstacles to your dreams, they will grow larger and larger. If, instead, you feed your dreams, they will grow stringer and stronger in your consciousness until they manifest.

So, my question for you today is, “Which one will you feed?”

Put your mind on your side today, my friends.


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The Odds Are On Your Side

It’s one of the great ironies of my work over the years. A persistent reason people give for not thinking positively is they don’t want to be deluded by false hope. It’s ironic because they don’t see how often they’ve been deluded by their own negative thinking.

Often, when confronted by this fact, they will say they’re not being negative. They’re just being “realistic.”

This reveals a mass human tendency to see being negative about ourselves/our prospects as being realistic. It’s a simple psychological defense mechanism to seeks avert disappointment and often responsibility for outcomes we don’t want. If we “don’t get our hopes up,” we tell ourselves, “we won’t get hurt.”

What if we understood deeply that positive outcomes, even by pure chance, are as likely as negative outcomes? When we apply the power of our minds and our efforts, the scale quickly turns in favor of a positive outcome. We literally have direct control over making positive outcomes more likely in our lives.

Now, let’s reconsider the calculation. Is avoiding occasional setback and disappointment really worth missing a dozen victories we might have won, if only we hadn’t been too “realistic” to try? I will leave you to answer that question for yourself.

Keep your mind on your side.

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13 Soldier Affirmations for Memorial Day

To those who have served and to those who have sacrificed, wishing you a peaceful and meaningful Memorial Day.

May these affirmations serve to inspire you today.


  1. I chose this life of service before self and I am committed to it.
  2. Today and every day, I do my duty with pride and honor!
  3. Despite what I’ve seen, I celebrate the best of humanity.
  4. My sacrifice meant something then and it means something now.
  5. I am ever ready, willing, and able to serve.
  6. My new mission is to live a great life for myself and my family. I grant myself the peace to have that life.
  7. My service forever changed me and I am a better person for it.
  8. Wherever and whenever freedom needs a voice, I am there.
  9. I gave my best to my country then and I give my best to myself and my family today.
  10. My life is as valuable as the lives I safeguarded. I am committed to making the most of it.
  11. I am at peace with my past. I let go of what doesn’t serve me today.
  12. Today I am strong enough to ask for the help I need.
  13. Freedom is forever my guiding light.

10 Writer Author Affirmations

This one is for my writer and author friends out there! Fill the page with amazing words today keep your mind on your side.


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Oprah Winfrey Motivational Quote

Good morning, friends and fellow affirmers!

To say that Oprah Winfrey has inspired millions, would be to understate the matter. She was America’s daily voice of personal exploration, growth, life’s journey for decades.

Even now, she continues to inspire Hope, purpose, and the search for meaning in life on her multiple platforms.

I love this Oprah quote. It contains so many nuggets for us. It counsels trying new and hard things. It prepares you for the inevitable setbacks in such attempts. It encourages determination and patience, it promises reward for your efforts.

Its power to inspire is enhanced because the words come from someone who created and lived that journey before all our eyes.

In a nutshell, this quote is the very embodiment of our journey to personal growth. We are here to do great things or “small things in great ways.,” as Dr. Martin Luther King said.

We will fave adversity, but if we don’t give up and give in, we will prevail in some meaningful way.

Wherever you are on your journey today, know you can. More than that, know if you don’t give up, you will.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


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