Life-Work Balance – Day 323 of 365 Days to a Better You

Let’s start by acknowledging the bias of the popular phrase work-life balance. The conditioning clearly places the emphasis on work. We’ll begin by flipping these two into their proper perspective. Work is something you fit into your life. Life is not something you live around work.

Certainly, there are companies that have an authentic concern for their employees’ well-being. If you work for one, congratulations. Most companies today give lip-service to life-work balance. It’s kind of politically correct to say it. The main thrust, though, seems to be rejuvenating yourself so you can get back on the job and contribute to the bottom line.

The fact is, with our 24/7 devices, most 21st century employees only get the life-work balance they create for themselves.

This is not an attack on going after your career goals. It is a reminder that your career goals are a part of you. They are not you.

These affirmations help you to focus on maintaining your life-work balance. Use the ones that resonate with you.

  1. I give my job a solid 8. The rest belongs to me!
  2. I have a job, but I refuse to let my job have me!
  3. In the balance between life and work, I choose life!
  4. I work hard and I claim my just rewards for my hard work!
  5. Today and every day, I make time for career AND personal success!
  6. Today I make time for work and time for me!
  7. I am a high-achiever, but when I need downtime I recognize it and I take it!
  • You’re in the driver’s seat in your life. Don’t just go along for the ride!
  • Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you’re awesome!


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    2020 New Year’s Affirmations – Day 318 of 365 Days to a Better You

    Today’s Thought:

    “An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”
    ~ Bill Vaughn

    As you look at that quote, which one fits you? If you’re in the first group, please keep that momentum flowing in your life and the world as you impact it in 2020. If you’re in the latter group, a new year is a new start. It’s a chance to ask whether that way of seeing the world is getting you where you want to go in life.

    2020 promises to be an intriguing year. The divisiveness in our culture is running high. Many believe, “I have no choice. I must be at war for my ideas and my ideas must prevail 100 percent all the time.”

    Such thinking doesn’t think of the well-being of all. Such thinking is eager to divide us against ourselves; a position that defeats us all, defeats our present, and defeats our future.

    This not a world that has been thrust upon us. It’s a world we have chosen, even if unconsciously. We’ve dehumanized people for as little as disagreeing with us. These mindsets must not prevail in 2020 and moving forward.

    Many still don’t realize, is that our minds (individually and collectively) are not separate from the world “out there”. Our thoughts are, in fact, the root system of the “tree” we see manifested as the “real” world around us. If you dig up a tree, you will find it all stems from its root system. If you dig up our world of events and experiences, you soon see it is made up of our thoughts.

    The cross-currents of disempowerment will be many and vocal in this historic year. The pace of change – real and perceived – is going to pick up during this year because of the built up psychological expectations for it. That makes it more important than ever to empower your mind and think the thoughts and envision the world you desire.

    I am posting New Year’s Affirmations a little early so that you can begin using them now to get your new year off to a great start. Here are 24 affirmations to get your new year off to an empowering start.

    I recommend you begin the year with using either “this year” or “In 2020,” and as you get beyond the change of the year change it to “Today” or “Right now”.

    1. This year I AM the person I came to the planet to be!
    2. In 2020, I AM the change I want to see in my world!
    3. This year, I AM a miracle in motion!
    4. In 2020, I AM bigger than my doubts, bolder than my fears, and stronger than my obstacles!
    5. This year I challenge my paradigms to prove their worth and I change those paradigms that fail the test.
    6. In 2020, I choose to live in the sunshine of my possibilities, rather than the shadows of my doubt.
    7. This year my life is built on choices, not chances!
    8. In 2020, I breathe in every experience life has to offer and exhale a life well-lived!
    9. This year I AM the engine of my dreams!
    10. In 2020, my life is what I make of it and I choose to make it a _____ place to be!
    11. This year I follow my bliss! This year I experience my bliss! This year I become my bliss!
    12. In 2020, I am an abundance multiplier! As I succeed, I help others succeed too!
    13. My life belongs to me! This year I begin anew!
    14. Forget Resolutions! In 2020, I’m having a thought revolution!
    15. This year I have a budget and I’m sticking to it!
    16. In 2020, I CHOOSE  a love centered world over a a fear centered world!
    17. 2020 is MY year! My possibilities multiply, my successes magnify, and my potential is realized!
    18. As I turn my face to 2020, a brilliant new Sun dawns in my life!
    19. An amazing light lives within me! My light grows brighter and brighter throughout 2020!
    20. 2020 brings the perfect people and the perfect opportunities into my life!
    21. My personal economy is robust in 2020! My career/business is zooming to new heights!
    22. My immune system is healthy, strong, and protecting me in 2020!
    23. This year I am flawlessly executing my business plan!
    24. I am rehumanizing my adversaries. I refuse to be a part of the division plaguing our culture.

    Stay inspired!


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    10 Happiness Affirmations for Your Weekend

    Happiness is something we all seek. It’s even cited in the American Declaration of Independence as something as one of the three things we all have a right to pursue.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    Here are some affirmations to help you claim your happiness today.

    1. Today I am making the radical choice to be happy no matter what!
    2. My happiness is independent of other people’s opinions or circumstances.
    3. My happiness is right here, right now.
    4. Today everyone and everything is conspiring to bring me my ultimate happiness!
    5. I am the author of my experience and today I CHOOSE to write a happy chapter!
    6. Allowing myself to be happy is the beginning of all wisdom!
    7. I have the lone vote when it comes to my happiness and today I vote YES!
    8. Wave after wave of happiness flows to my shore today!
    9. My life is what I make of it and I CHOOSE to make it a happy place to be!
    10. I was born to be happy and today I AM!


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    Eliminate Limiting Self-Talk – Day 313 of 365 Days to a Better You

    They say you are what you eat and it’s true. Equally, true is you are what you think. What you think constantly – your Self-talk – is who you become. How many times a day are you thinking and even saying these limiting words and allowing them to take root in your consciousness? The first step is to notice them. The second is to eliminate or at least reduce them.

    1. I can’t…
    2. I’ll never…
    3. I’m too…
    4. I’m powerless to…
    5. I’m not as good as…
    6. I’m no good at…
    7. I’m a victim of…
    8. It’s just the way I am.
    9. I always (negative thought)…
    10. (Some outside force…often God or government) will do it for me.
    11. I’m not meant to be happy, successful, etc.

    You may may hear these in your head or you may have some of your own. Reverse your limiting thoughts and turn them into your affirmations. Use the affirmations until you have banished the limiting thoughts.

    Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you ARE awesome!


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    Focus on What’s Important Affirmations

    The trivial, mundane, and unimportant can steal our dreams, if we allow it. Use these affirmations to maintain your focus on what matters.

    1. I know what matters and I focus my energy there.
    2. I allow the trivial to be trivial and I focus on what’s important.
    3. My big rocks are always my big focus.
    4. My priorities are clear and I stick to them.
    5. I always make the important people important.
    6. I always make the important tasks important.
    7. I am focused on my big goals today.
    8. I am on message.
    9. I am on target.
    10. I am 100 percent committed to my dreams.

    Stay inspired, my friends!


    Opportunity Affirmations

    Today’s Thought:

    “Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.”
    ~Emily Dickinson

    focus on success magnifying glassIf there is one defining difference between positive thinkers and negative thinkers, successful people and unsuccessful people, happy people and unhappy people; it must be their responses to opportunity.

    Those on the negative of scale see few opportunities. It’s not enough for opportunity to knock on their door. They expect opportunity to break their door down and plead with them to pursue it. They go through life with arms crossed, doubting everything and everyone, and hanging a big “NO” sign on their foreheads. They can see only the risk and not the reward. And life obliges by constantly appearing risky and saying “NO” to them.

    Those on the successful side see opportunities everywhere and are always listening for the lightest knock of opportunity upon their doors. “Never knowing when the dawn will come,” as Dickinson says, these people position themselves to say “YES” to life because they know that is how life will say “YES” to them. They know that there is no reward without risk, but they are able to focus on the rewards. And life obliges by bringing both opportunity and reward their way.

    Which are you? When someone comes to you with an idea, do you try to see the vision or do you look for the nearest escape hatch? Do you dream and follow your dreams or consider them a meaningless waste of time? You see, life is watching and it is constantly manifesting precisely what you expect from it.

    Here are 13 opportunity affirmations written to help you commit to seizing opportunities and running with them. Dream on!

    1. Today is MY day! The winds of opportunity are blowing my way!
    2. Every day is blank and I am eager to fill it up with new possibilities!
    3. I see opportunities! I seize opportunities! I capitalize on opportunities!
    4. The more opportunities I listen to, the more opportunities I find!
    5. When I am ready to try, I am ready to fly!
    6. When I open the door for opportunity, I open the door for my dreams!
    7. When opportunity knocks, I am the first one to the door!
    8. As long as there is breath, there is opportunity!
    9. Opportunity is everywhere for me! My personal economy is booming!
    10. My missed opportunities are really my new opportunities!
    11. I say YES to life and life says YES to me!
    12. Defeat is my opportunity! Victory is my opportunity! Every circumstance is my opportunity!
    13. The Universe showers me with opportunities and today I make the most of them!

    Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


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    Christmas Affirmations

    Thought for Today:

    “Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.”
    ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

    christmas-2971961_1280In the hustle and bustle that accompanies this time of the year, may you stop, breathe deeply, and ingest the spirit of the season. This is a season when light fills hearts and we recall that there is meaning and purpose in our lives. We experience the importance of the interior journey and how it connects us to and transforms the world around us.

    We remember that giving, without expectation, is the doorway to receiving beyond expectation. Mostly, though, we remember that hope conquers every doubt, illuminates every shadow, and heals every wound, if you are willing to let it work through you.

    Today a few affirmations to help you see the Christmas season with new eyes and new hearts.

    1. Today I spread the light of Christmas everywhere I go!
    2. I allow the joy of this season to fill my heart and propel me into a prosperous new year!
    3. Christmas is MY day! I plan to enjoy all it has to offer!
    4. I love peace on Earth and goodwill toward men and I practice it all year long!
    5. This year I’m focused on what Christmas means to me rather than what it means to the world.
    6. This year I refuse to allow guilt to ruin my Christmas experience!
    7. When I make Christmas about sharing rather than getting, I always feel better.
    8. Breathing in, I feel the love of Christmas. Breathing out, I embody the love of Christmas.
    9. This year I am absolutely committed to restoring the true meaning of Christmas in my life!
    10. The energy of Christmas is game-changing when I allow it to spread throughout my life.
    11. Today I feel the joy of the season. Today I feel the peace of the season. Today I feel the love of the season.
    12. Today I am breathing in the light and love of the season and sharing it with everyone I meet!
    13. I love the holiday season because the long lines teach me patience.
    14. Christmas is my chance to activate the power of giving in my life.
    15. My mind is filled with hope. My heart is filled with joy. It’s Christmastime and anything is possible!
    16. Christmas is a new beginning and I am making the most of it!
    17. Breathing in, I experience the power of Christmas. Breathing out, I share the power of Christmas.
    18. Today the sights and sounds and smells of the season fill me with joy!

    Stay inspired!

    Stay inspired! Great things are on the way to you right now!


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