Daily Video Affirmation #7 – Acceptance and Change Affirmation

Today’s Daily Video Affirmation focuses on harmonizing two seemingly conflicting impulses – acceptance and change. Both have positive aspects for our lives, but they can come into conflict sometimes. How do you reconcile them? This affirmation helps.


Daily Video Affirmation #6 – I AM Making Progress

Not all affirmations are inspirational or aspirational. Some are rather pedestrian reminders of practical things. The idea is to coat your consciousness with these thoughts to help make it your default thinking. Today’ affirmation is a good example of that.

Stay focused. Stay positive!


Releasing Your Mental Chains – Day 169 of 365 Days to a Better You

Good Tuesday, everyone! There’s old Buddhist story about two monks who were sworn to celibacy walking through a forest in a rainstorm. They came across a distressed woman on the banks of a rushing river.

One monk asked, “How may I help you?” She told him she was a single mother and had food for her small child. If she wasn’t able to cross the river, he would starve.

The monk surprised the woman and his friend by hoisting her upon his shoulders and carrying her across the river.

Later when the two monks returned to their monastery the monk could see his friend was troubled by something.

“Tell me, brother, what is troubling you?” he asked.

“Our vow of celibacy requires that we not talk to women and yet you spoke to the woman at the river. Our vow of celibacy requires that we not touch a woman and yet you carried her across the river. How can you sit there in peace knowing what you have done?”

The first monk smiled at his friend, “It’s true I spoke to the woman and carried her across the river, but, brother, I put her down hour ago. When will you put her down?”

The first monk had broken his vows, but he’d done so in an act of compassion. As soon as the episode was over, he had moved on. The second monk was still carrying the mental chains of the event and allowing it to disturb his peace.

How often do you and I do that? We carry drama, baggage, guilt, and anger around in our hearts and in our minds? We stretch out events that were over hours, days, or years ago by keeping them alive in our minds.

The question I have for you tonight is what are you carrying around that you long since should put down? Release your mental chains and your attachment to past events long over.

The pain for holding on to them is not a sentence. It’s a choice.

Stay inspired, my friends!  May you find it within you to free yourself from the chains that mentally, spiritually, and even physically keep you stuck.



Daily Video Affirmations #5 – Making the Right Decisions

Sometimes life presents us with morally challenging dilemmas with no clearly right answer. One such challenge happens with end-of-life issues for us and for our pets. We’re being challenged right now with what to do with our 15-year-old lab, Mia. She has good days and she has horrible days. We’ve gone back and forth on what to do and it’s challenged, but also bolstered my own moral compass.

Today’s affirmation is about making hard choices – having the courage to do it and the confidence to trust you’re making the right decisions.


Stay courageous and stay true to you!


Daily Video Affirmation #4 – My World Prosperous Affirmation

Today’s affirmation focuses on choosing prosperity in your life. Have an awesome Monday!

Affirmations, Marketing, and the Big Lie – Day 167 of 365 Days to a Better You

Why do you believe what you believe? For many people on this planet, they believe what they believe because it’s what they’ve been exposed to repetitively throughout their lives. Without an innate determination to question those beliefs, they will capture you.

Why do affirmations work? They are simply messages repeated to yourself over and over again. The more you hear them, see them, and say them, the more you believe them.

The Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels has one of the most famous quotes about repeating a message or propaganda. “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will come to believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.” He called it The Big Lie.

Now Goebbels and company used this principle for evil purposes. Yet, there’s no denying the truth of the statement. A message repeated over and over begins to gain acceptance in your consciousness.

He got one thing wrong though. The principle doesn’t just work for lies. It works for any message – positive, negative, or neutral – that is repeated often enough. The message seeds deeply in your consciousness and there for ready recall. Don’t believe it? See if you can finish these ad tagline sentences.

  • Like a good neighbor…
  • America runs on….
  • Bounty: The quicker…
  • M&M’s: Melts in your mouth…

The reason you, more than likely, easily finished those sentences is you’ve heard them over and over and they right there beneath your consciousness waiting to be triggered. That’s what effective marketing does. It delivers a concise, memorable, message over and over. That’s what affirmations can do you for you.

“Wait a minute, Ray!” you might say. “I may know that like a good neighbor, state farm is there, but that doesn’t mean I believe it.”

True enough, but the affirmations – your ad campaign to yourself – is presumedly messages you do want to believe and accept. So by repeating them over and over, you allow the power of repetition to seed your consciousness with words that inspire, push you, and bolster you.

Then, by using words, that evoke strong emotions you generate a powerful belief in the messages. After all, “I can’t” was just an ad campaign you or someone else ran against you. “I can” or “I am” or “I choose” can just as easily become your new ad campaign.

Repetition and belief are the duel engines of affirmations. Even someone as nefarious as Goebbels had one thing absolutely right. Say your affirmations often enough and you WILL come to believe them.

Stay inspired and thanks for reading today’s post. I hope your weekend is rejuvenating you and getting you ready for a great week ahead!

Two weeks from today, April, Mia, and I will arrive back in Kansas City to restart our lives there. We are gearing up for our second cross-country move in four years. Please keep sending us positive energy for that journey!