Beginnings and Endings – Day 307 of 365 Days to a Better You

Beginnings and endings are an inevitable part of any life in our time and space multiverse. Some bring micro changes and others shift everything you have known it. They parade through your life in an endless cycle encapsulated by an inadequate word – change.

As far as our physical brains can conceive every phenomenon from an ant hill to a weather system to you and I has a beginning and an ending. It’s an unalterable fact in the world as we know it.

This being so, how you deal with beginnings and endings plays a huge part in your happiness and success. Here are some things to know about them that can help you make the most of them.

  1. Beginnings and endings are both opportunities. While this might be readily apparent about beginnings, endings are often associated with the pain of loss. It’s easy to miss the opportunities they present.
  2. Beginnings can be taken for granted. The opportunities they bring can be missed when you don’t act or act quickly enough.
  1. Endings challenge you to grow and to change. If nothing ever ended, life would be boring and become stale. Endings can be sad, but they can also be springboards for the next better thing,
  2. Endings expose our attachments. When things become the norm for a time, human nature is to become attached to the pattern they create in your life. Endings are a chance to practice the advanced skill of letting go and making room for the next better thing,
  3. Endings are really disguised beginnings. This is hard to see in the moment of change, but endings have in the seeds of a new beginning.
  4. Change is inevitable. Harnessing the power of change means flowing with it rather than resisting it. Be open to the opportunities in beginnings and endings present.
  5. Beginnings and endings are just bookmarks in eternity. The conventional way of looking at them comes from linear thinking. When you go deeper and understand that everything is connected and one thing flows into another, beginnings and endings begin to melt into the whole.

Just in case no one has reminded you today, you are awesome!


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