Rachel Hollis – Made for More

“You didn’t make it this far to only make it this far.”

~Rachel Hollis

rachel_hollis_made_for_moreAbout four months ago, my wife April told me I needed to listen to someone. She’d been turned onto a motivational author and speaker. So, we listened to parts of her book – Girl, Wash Your Face. We watched videos. We watched The Morning Show she hosts with her husband, Dave. We listened to her podcasts (RISE and RISE TOGETHER). Tonight we visited the local AMC Theatre and thoroughly enjoyed her documentary – Made For More.

Rachel Hollis has become a phenomenon in the world of personal development and beyond. She has become the next-generation voice and face in the field and deservedly so. She brings an energy, vibrancy, and relevance that’s refreshing and in your face.

She’s targeted the female audience – an audience she connects with amazingly – but her message is one we all ought to be listening to. I was disappointed that I was the only man in an audience filled with women this evening. I’m glad the women are gleaning Rachel’s energy, but men could benefit as well.

Her no-nonsense, in-your-face approach is different from the world of Louise Hay, but it’s balanced by a readily apparent passion to see the members of her community – or as she refers to them her tribe – reach for and attain their highest dreams.

More than coming with a powerful, passionate message, Rachel is an outstanding communicator who knows her audience, knows her stuff, and delivers it with a vigor that transforms hearts and minds.

I used to wonder what would happen to this space when the Wayne Dyers and Louise Hays passed. Rachel is leading the charge for a new generation that speaks hard truths from a space of love.

Watching her, I remember why I started The Affirmation Spot eleven years ago. I feel a renewed fire burning within me to tell my story and let it help those who need to hear it. She’s inspired me to dig deeper and bring more to all of you. I can think of no higher praise than that.

The future of personal development is in good hands. I’ll be reading, watching, and listening and you should be too.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


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