2021 – Flowers or Thorns?

Happy New Year, my friends! Simple choices make BIG differences.

We finally have 2020 off the books, but a new year dawns with new challenges and new opportunities.

The great Persian Poet Rumi once wrote:

“When you go to a garden, do you look at thorns or flowers? Spend more time with the roses and jasmine.”

The garden can be a metaphor for our lives, the coming year, or many other things. The quote asks you to reflect and then decide where you will spend the valuable energy of your focus.

Every situation, every day, every year, every life has its flowers and its thorns. The sum total of who we become and how we rise or fall depends on whether we habitually pick flowers or thorns as our focus.

I can promise you two things on this New Year’s Day. 2021 will have thorns and they will rule your life, if your focus is on them. 2021 will be filled with flowers and you can and will flourish, if you focus on them.

Sometimes we make life too complicated. Simples choices make big differences.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


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2021 New Year’s Affirmations

Today’s Thought:

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”
~ Bill Vaughn

As you look at that quote, which one fits you? If you’re in the first group, please keep that momentum flowing in your life and the world as you impact it in 2021. If you’re in the latter group, a new year is a new start. It’s a chance to ask whether that way of seeing the world is getting you where you want to go in life.

2021 promises to be an intriguing year. The divisiveness in our culture is running high. Many believe, “I have no choice. I must be at war for my ideas and my ideas must prevail 100 percent all the time.”

Such thinking doesn’t think of the well-being of all. Such thinking is eager to divide us against ourselves; a position that defeats us all, defeats our present, and defeats our future.

This not a world that has been thrust upon us. It’s a world we have chosen, even if unconsciously. We’ve dehumanized people for as little as disagreeing with us. These mindsets must not prevail in 2021 and moving forward.

Many still don’t realize, is that our minds (individually and collectively) are not separate from the world “out there”. Our thoughts are, in fact, the root system of the “tree” we see manifested as the “real” world around us. If you dig up a tree, you will find it all stems from its root system. If you dig up our world of events and experiences, you soon see it is made up of our thoughts.

The cross-currents of disempowerment will be many and vocal in this historic year. The pace of change – real and perceived – is going to pick up during this year because of the built up psychological expectations for it. That makes it more important than ever to empower your mind and think the thoughts and envision the world you desire.

I am posting New Year’s Affirmations a little early so that you can begin using them now to get your new year off to a great start. Here are 24 affirmations to get your new year off to an empowering start.

I recommend you begin the year with using either “this year” or “In 2021,” and as you get beyond the change of the year change it to “Today” or “Right now”.

  1. This year I AM the person I came to the planet to be!
  2. In 2021, I AM the change I want to see in my world!
  3. This year, I AM a miracle in motion!
  4. In 2021, I AM bigger than my doubts, bolder than my fears, and stronger than my obstacles!
  5. This year I challenge my paradigms to prove their worth and I change those paradigms that fail the test.
  6. In 2021, I choose to live in the sunshine of my possibilities, rather than the shadows of my doubt.
  7. This year my life is built on choices, not chances!
  8. In 2021, I breathe in every experience life has to offer and exhale a life well-lived!
  9. This year I AM the engine of my dreams!
  10. In 2021, my life is what I make of it and I choose to make it a _____ place to be!
  11. This year I follow my bliss! This year I experience my bliss! This year I become my bliss!
  12. In 2021, I am an abundance multiplier! As I succeed, I help others succeed too!
  13. My life belongs to me! This year I begin anew!
  14. Forget Resolutions! In 2021, I’m having a thought revolution!
  15. This year I have a budget and I’m sticking to it!
  16. In 2021, I CHOOSE a love centered world over a a fear centered world!
  17. 2021 is MY year! My possibilities multiply, my successes magnify, and my potential is realized!
  18. As I turn my face to 2021, a brilliant new Sun dawns in my life!
  19. An amazing light lives within me! My light grows brighter and brighter throughout 2021!
  20. 2021 brings the perfect people and the perfect opportunities into my life!
  21. My personal economy is robust in 2021! My career/business is zooming to new heights!
  22. My immune system is healthy, strong, and protecting me in 2021!
  23. This year I am flawlessly executing my business plan!
  24. I am rehumanizing my adversaries. I refuse to be a part of the division plaguing our culture.

Stay inspired!


Create a Better Normal in 2021

Here we are entering the final week of 2020. I’d imagine for many of us, this year has been the most challenging, dare I say, despised year of our lives.

Yet, as I’ve been saying from the beginning, challenge and difficulty are often doorways to opportunities we’d have never discovered in ordinary times. I hope you have found this year of challenge to also be an awakening and a chance to find new meaning in your daily life, in your relationships, and on your path.

With the COVID-19 vaccines now coming online, there’s hope that some time in 2021 we will return to “normal.” What does that mean and what could it mean?

Normal is generalized term for the complacency and auto-pilot mode our lives have often settled before an upset. Do we really want to return to that place where we were just cruising along or do we want and will we demand something better of ourselves and our world?

The push for normal next year will reveal the work we have or have not done during this time. Are we more compassionate or less? Are we more in it together or more fractured? Are we ready to take major leaps into the human future or will we insist on fighting old circular battles that have snared us before?

Time will tell. Have we become students of the moment or did we miss the lesson? I believe that many people did find new perspective this year and that we will see that reflected in the years ahead. I believe we have flushed old wounds and chosen new ways to think that will lead us where we are destined to go as a species.

In any case, let those of us reading these words be committed creating a normal better than the one we left behind.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks to all of you, this year has been one of amazing growth on this blog. I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read, comment, and share my posts.

I hope The Affirmation Spot has become a positive refuge for you on the Internet. That is the goal.

Let’s keep the energy flowing and continue filling our minds with insight, positivity, and practical tips for bettering our lives and bettering the world.

By any measure, 2020 has been a challenging year. It’s my belief that we can aspire, in 2021, to more than “getting back to normal.” We can entertain and achieve bigger dreams individually and together.

Our country, our species, and our planet can lean into our enormous potential to usher in a new era of positive change on so many fronts, if we have the courage to choose it.

I want to wish everyone reading this a beautiful holiday season. Thank you again for your contributions to growing this group.

Be well. Be safe. Find your inner joy.