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Buddha Speaks I: Hatred is a Poison

Hatred is a poison. It eventually destroys both the person who feels it as well as the target of his hatred. The evidence for this in human history as whole, and your particular dispute, is so apparent and obvious that … Continue reading

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Freedom Vs. Control

Every time you give your power to decide your path or to be who you are away, you are disempowered. Freedom struggles in the face of controlling paradigms because many lack a strong enough impulse to be autonomous. It is … Continue reading

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The “I” Problem

Today’s Thought: The tribe says, “Pick a side.” The wise say, “Been there. Done that.” We awaken each day with a default setting that we are the center of the universe. That mindset is represented by the word “I”. “I … Continue reading

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My 15 Favorite Albert Einstein Quotes

Today’s Affirmation: When I am open to bigger possibilities, I am open to bigger outcomes! Many think of Albert Einstein as that wild-haired mathematician, physicist, smartest guy of all-time, or the E=MC2 guy. Today many have forgotten that he was … Continue reading

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52 Reflections on “Us” vs. “Them”

There is a dangerous virus that pervades many minds on this planet. It is s0 woven into the fabric of our conditioning that many don’t even recognize it in themselves. The assumption that “We’re right” and “They’re wrong” is a … Continue reading

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Your Truth, Their Truth

Today’s Affirmation: I am transforming judgment into understanding. I am the source of change in my life, in my group, and in this world. How you see the world is really a matter of perspective. Your absolute conviction in the … Continue reading

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Dhammapada Twin Verses – The Affirmation Spot for Friday July 11, 2008

The world we live in is full of promise, threat, and opportunity. As you look beneath the surface, you begin to understand that none of us is safe unless all of us are safe. None of us is free until … Continue reading

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