Revolutionary Road A Must See – The Affirmation Spot for Monday January 26, 2009

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“Weight loss success…Today I am one pound closer to my weight loss goal.”
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This weekend I went to see the new movie Revolutionary Road. It  stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as Frank and April Wheeler – a young couple driven to unhappiness when they abandon their dreams in pursuit of a safe life in the suburbs.

The movie is set in the 1950s and eerily captures the era. The level of set detail is amazing. Winslet and DiCaprio are both due whatever accoldades come their way for these performances. I love good facial acting – acting that tells the story without words – and they were both amazing.

This is a multilayered movie and everyone is sure to take away their own meaning from it. I’m certain everyone in the audience could identify and recognize part of himself or herself in the characters.

For me, the central message of this movie revolves around dreams and the “gravity” of our current situation.  Without giving away the story, the Wheelers identify a remedy for their unhappiness.

The “gravity” of circumstances comes when inner and outer forces start to work on their dream.

Their friends react and detract from their dream; all the while wishing it they had the courage to pursue their dreams. The movie does an amazing job of manifesting the kind of reaction we often get when we express the desire to do something different and move away from the herd.

Events, loyalties, and conditioning  also collude to create that “gravity” pulling them back into the grasp of “reality” and away from their dreams.

I became mindful of the duel “temptation” stories of the Buddha and Jesus. Regardless of your spiritual perspective, the fact that we still remember these two teachers from so long ago is a testament to the greatness of what they achieved.

In both instances, as they approached fulfillment of their goals they were assailed by “the devil” to steer away from their goal and return to “reality”. 

There is a mythological message in these stories and in Revolutionary Road.  When you are really dreaming big dreams – dreams that threaten your status quo or that of those around you – and you are just about to achieve them that’s when the toughest resistance sometimes appears.

That’s when all the “gravity” starts pulling on you to stay who you are rather than who you could be. You are often spared resistance when others are not taking you seriously. But the moment you really go for it, The Universe and other people are going to test you to see if you are worthy and serious about what you are doing – count on it!

You have to be aware of this and be ready for it. Who knows how many great dreams went unfulfilled right on the brink of accomplishment because of this phenomenon?

An interesting twist in Revolutionary Road is that the truth teller in the movie is a man certified as “crazy”. He alone sees through masks being worn by all the other characters and calls them on their unwillingness to step outside the box.

The subtle – or not so subtle – message is that it takes a crazy person to see the insanity in what we do to ourselves wehn we deny the desire to live according the dictates of our hearts.

To find out what becomes of the Wheeler’s dream, you’ll have to go see the movie. I highly recommend it.

The real question what will happen to your dreams when you encounter the choppy waters that must be crossed just before you pierce the veil to reach the life of your dreams?

Stay inspired!


2009 Affirmation

“This year I am absolutely committed to being the person I came here to be!”