5 Inspiring Quotes by John Muir – “The Father of National Parks”

John Muir (1838-1914) was a Scottish-born American naturalist, author, and philosopher who was an early advocate of protecting wilderness in The United States. He is sometimes called “The Father of the National Parks.”

He wrote numerous essays about nature, especially the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The famous environmental club he helped form – The Sierra Club – remains a force in conversation today. He was instrumental preserving Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks.

Here are five of his most inspiring quotes about nature.

  1. When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.

  2. We all travel the Milky Way together, trees and men.

  3. One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

  4. Earth has no sorrow that Earth can’t heal.

  5. The mountains are calling and I must go.

You can find a more extensive list of Muir quotes on the TAS Quotes page.


Let the Beauty Around You Defeat the Ugliness

My black lab, Mia, and I were out for an early walk this morning during a moderate rain shower. The rain of the past week has greened things up nicely here in New England. I always take my phone on our walks because you never know what you might catch.

One of my weird photo addictions is taking close up photos of objects with fresh rain drops glistening on them. This morning provided the perfect opportunity for indulging.

It’s a good reminder, as much ugliness, chaos, and negativity as there is in the world, that beauty and miracles are right here, right now, and all around us.

Raindrops on grass close up.
Trees reflected in a puddle.
Raindrops and spring buds.
pink flowers with raindrops


Finding Your Purpose: Three Ways to Know – Day 120 of 365 Days to a Better You

Everyone has a purpose. What’s yours?

We’ve touched on this subject a couple of times previously in the 365 Days series. I came across a fantastic video by Bridget Nielsen on three ways to know what your purpose is.

I thought these provided great insight and expanded on what I’d share previously. Take a look.

The three ways to know your purpose.

  1. Passion + Talent. Discover your passion. Discover your talents. Cross-reference the two to find where they sync. This is a great first clue to your purpose. I’ve often said that your purpose lives at the intersection of Passion and Talent streets. Do something you’re truly great at doing.
  2. It doesn’t feel like work. This is great if you’re just pursuing your passion as a hobby. If you’re doing it as a business, this is an absolute requirement. What’s the point of taking the risk to operate outside the relative security of the corporate world if your passion just feels like another job? You must find what you REALLY love doing.
  3. Does the world need it? This is the one I’ve probably overlooked the most myself. If you’re trying to make a living with your passion, it’s got to be something that the world wants and needs. You might be very passionate and very good, but if no one is interested it won’t matter.

Powerhack: Find a passionate talent that doesn’t feel like work and is in demand by the world. This is the key to making your passion your career.

Stay inspired to be great and do great!


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6 Affirmations to Use During Meditation

Quiet contemplation – meditation or contemplative prayer – are a perfect complement to affirmations. Use these affirmations to deepen your experience.

  1. Breathing in, I am relaxing. Breathing out, I calm and serene.
  2. When I close my eyes peacefully, my eyes are truly opened.
  3. I am peaceful. I am open. I am enlightened.
  4. I am one with the flow of the Universe.
  5. I am connected to All That Is.
  6. I am one with All That Is.

Repetition is the Master Teacher – Day 119 of 365 Days to a Better You

Perfect practice makes perfect.

~Vince Lombardi

I’ve always wondered how mountain goats survive on terrains that would terrify humans and most other animals. They live on sheer cliffs and expertly leap and grab to move around in this treacherous terrain. That expertise is practically born into the species, as it has adapted to living that way. Repetition and the fact they have no choice allows them to thrive on sheer mountainsides.

Repetition is the the master teacher. I was driving April to Boston Logan this morning. I was thinking about how when we moved here four years ago a trip downtown or to the airport seemed like a dicey adventure. There’s no amount of driving in Kansas City that really prepares you for Boston traffic. Not knowing which lane to choose makes life harrowing.

Now we drive into Boston every morning to take April to work. We’ve been to Logan more times than I can count. The Drivers Ed video hilarity of what can pop out of nowhere on a Boston or Cambridge street has become commonplace. I’ve become a Boston driving mountain goat. What used to phase me is now just part of the fun.

You often hear sports announcers talk about the value of an athlete having been in a big situation before – the experience advantage. Think Tom Brady or Serena Williams. What a huge advantage they have over beginners on the biggest stages. Experience doesn’t guarantee victory or eliminate human mistakes, but there is something that gets into your DNA and gives you a huge mental advantage when you’ve achieved time and time again.

Power hack: Anything you want to get better at can be achieved by repetition. Talent and knowledge are plusses, but there’s no substitute for doing something and doing it often. Whatever your goal practice, practice, practice and perfecting that practice, as Vince Lombardi said, can push you to the highest levels.

The cost? You have to be willing to to try and to fail, maybe many times, to earn the experience repetition has to offer. I’ll return to a sports metaphor. Think how many young teams have to get to a championship game and lose to set the stage for their greatness. The next time they return, because of repetition, their talent can shine with the backing of experience.

So, whatever your goal or dream, start doing it. No matter how bad you are at first, keep at it. Soon you’ll be navigating the sheer cliffs and crazy streets of your chosen field like a pro.

THANK YOU each and every one of you for reading the TAS blog and for sharing it with your friends. Have an awesome day!


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