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The root and the leaf seem disconnected, unrelated. Yet, they are a part of same tree. Events in our world seem like the root and the leaf, but our world is like the tree.


Wonderful post I came across this wonderful post on freedom. I enjoy ideas that open the thinking. This blog post succeeded.

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No Traffic Lights

In the U.S. the boundary of space within which we are free to make our own decisions is shrinking year by year. In daily life we face a bewildering array of restrictions on our behavior. The government now dictates what medications we can purchase, the size of our drink cups, what advertisements we can see, whether we can eat fatty foods, what kind of milk we can drink, under what conditions we can or cannot own a gun, how and who we can marry, how we divorce, what jokes we can tell at work, what kind of medical care we receive, what the interest rate on our mortgage is, what kind of education our children receive, and which legal pleasures such as cigarettes and wine, are to be discouraged through higher taxes. Indeed it is difficult to find a meaningful choice that is not monitored by a bureaucracy and covered…

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Freedom Vs. Control

Electrons revolve around the brain. Concept of idea.Every time you give your power to decide your path or to be who you are away, you are disempowered.

Freedom struggles in the face of controlling paradigms because many lack a strong enough impulse to be autonomous.

It is as though much or our species lives in a traumatized state that seeks someone to fill in the blanks for us. Religion, government and other institutions have successfully stepped into the void for thousands of years to fill for us.

In our time modern times, mass media has ushered in an era of control through “cool”. People have learned that they are empowered by being like someone else, rather than finding the unique qualities and purposes that make them who they are.

It is not a cult of the like-minded and conditioned by centralized authority that leads to the Nirvana we seek. Some see this centralized control – often through government – as the only means for solving a nation’s or the planet’s problems. But I believe, it is a planet filled with autonomous, self-empowered individuals that choose to work together for the common good.

The former is our weak-minded, easy-way-out attempt to reach the same end. The latter must be our goal.

That is not to say we can operate in a selfish bubble. Nothing we do is without links and impacts on everything and everyone around us. A free empowered individual is one who creates bonds of choice and mutual benefit rather than being forced.

I think it is an innate mistrust in humanity driven by constant examples of reasons to doubt the motivations of those around us and our secret feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty that drive us to concede our potential to some outside authority that “knows better”.

The challenges are many in going from where we are now this state of empowered autonomy linked to a commitment to the common interest. There is probably not even agreement on what that human being looks like and some will deny it’s even possible. Some would surely use their increased empowerment for destructive ends, like a teenager experiencing the first taste of freedom. We shall not have that answer until we set its attainment as our priority. None of these can be a reason not begin down this enlightened road.

The how is uncertain and this is what frightens the powers that be on the planet. Because they have interests to protect. They have come to value order over any other virtue.

How can you begin? You can begin each and every day by being aware of who and how you give your power away. You can strive to use the power you do have judiciously, positively towards your interests, but not selfishly or abusively against others. You can mentor those in your sphere of influence to do the same.

You can begin to see that institutions are there to serve our needs and not the other way around. Understand that their authority and relevancy comes from the people they serve. You can pull yourself in the direction of freedom and autonomy one decision at at time, until any other approach seems foreign to you.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


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Beyond December 21, 2012

Now that we have safely traversed the date 12-21-2012. I’m going share some thoughts I’ve had for some time. This was never about this date. It only added to the confusion. Were the Mayans fools? No. They were very astute astronomers.

Many science writers have debunked the Mayans claim of alignment at 11:12 UTC today by an eye test of the model showing relative positions of the planets at that time today, as seen from above the solar plane. The Mayans and those who support their claims did not claim all the planets would be in a straight line. They claimed that they would form what has been dubbed a grand cross formation. The first image shows the planets positions without the lines and the second connects the lines of the grand cross in today’s planetary alignment.








It is unclear what the significance is of this alignment, if any, other than its coincidence with the Winter solstice and the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar. By easily connecting the dots, the alignment forms a pentagram with a star in the center.

The concerns and some of the theories about what might have happened today are real concerns. The Sun is indeed acting out. We all know about the 11-year cycle, but a little research – scientific and even ancient astronomy – says the Sun has many cycles.

There is evidence that we are in the midst of a cycle for the last 150 years that has really ramped up in about the last 30 years. Despite what you hear in the popular media, the Sun has a greater influence on Earth’s climate (and other bodies in the solar system than anything else). We had an event called the Carrington Event in 1859 that would wreak havoc on our systems today.

Sunspot activity since 1600. Note that over the past 150 years there has been an large uptrend and in the last 30 years we have seen highs for this 400-year time frame. Note that when sunspot activity was nil in the later half of the 16th and early 17th centuries, Earth was experiencing the depths of the “Little Ice Age”.

The prospect a pole reversal is also very real. There is a ton of evidence that this has happened numerous times in Earth’s history. We don’t know what might trigger it, if its sudden or gradual. In fact, our magnetic north pole is moving towards Russia. The only real dispute about this fact is over how fast it’s happening. There are estimates that the north pole is moving as much as 40 miles per year. There is also debate about what the results would be.

Finally, this crossing the galactic plane (which may or may not have begun today) is interesting in that it happens on roughly the same time cycle as the Earth’s precession. This is not a one-day event and actually will take years to decades to accomplish. There are some who believe this could cause some perturbation in the solar system. The Mayans, and others, accurately targeted this time frame for that crossing and also noted the unusual planetary alignment that accompanies it this time. This, I believe, is what they saw as creating the cataclysm they predicted.

Our science cannot predict how events like these will impact our Sun, impact the tectonics on our Earth, or impact the interactions of bodies within the solar system or beyond.

There are many theorists and some astronomers who wonder whether this alignment with the galactic plane and other planets in our system might upset asteroids in the solar system and draw them toward the inner solar system.

Let’s also be clear. The more you look into the facts, the more clear it becomes that our view of human history may be, at best, a watered down and shrouded version of the facts. Events like these, it appears have happened in the natural history of the Earth. The myths and more describing previous advanced civilizations on this planet are too widespread and numerous to be ignored. It’s possible that we have faced events like these before, been setback and had to climb back up to a civilized world. Barbara Hand Clow has dubbed this Catastrophobia and believes there are deep psychological scars in our collective consciousness about past events like this. She even hypothesizes this may be why we are so fixated on disastrous ends to our civilization.

So, I’ve said many times in recent weeks that December 21, 2012 was a nonsequitur and that we should not live always afraid of the next doomsday. That to do so diminishes us and leaves us living lives of worry that do not allow us to thrive. I firmly believe that. We should not always live worried about Y2K, 2012, or whatever the next terrifying date trotted out in front of us. We should also be wary of interests political, religious, or economic that always seem to want to keep us in a state of fear and confusion about such things.

We should know, though, that we live on a dynamic planet, in a dynamic solar system, in a dynamic galaxy. Climates change, things bump into each other, and that massive ball of fire 93 million miles away has an awful lot to do with what happens here on Earth.

What can we do? Well, we don’t want to stick our heads in the sand pretend none of these things could ever happen. We can and must develop our minds, our sciences, our awareness, and marshal our resources to be as prepared as we can be, but we need not live our days worried about a “what might happen” someday scenario in any way, shape, or form that undermines our purpose for being here and moving our species forward.

Stay inspired!


Show Respect in the Coming Debates over Sandy Hook Tragedy

The tribe says pick a side. The wise say been there done that.

In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook School, we are not all going to agree on the causes nor the solutions. One can already hear the war drums as the tribes begin to formulate proposals and turn up the rhetoric.

John F. Kennedy once said:

If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.

As we tackle these difficult questions, let us remain respectful.

There has been a lot of talk this week about reducing evil in the world. One way we can all contribute significantly is not to make those who disagree with us evil. Let us work for the best solutions for all and remember that the tone of our civil discourse is at least a contributor to our society’s issues. When we pick up an insult and hurl it or engage in personal attack we are taking a step down the road of the violence that plagues us.

We are better than that. Let us prove it in the coming debate.

Stay inspired!


Reflections on Newtown and Our Thinking

The events of this past Friday have been swirling around in my consciousness for several days now. The time had come for me put some of my thoughts into writing.

First and foremost to the parents, families, and the town of Newtown, my most profound prayers and positive energy for the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

I have engaged in some interesting discussion with friends about Friday’s shooting in Connecticut. I started out being just angry at Adam Lanza for his actions. Then that anger turned to a search for answers…why. I’ve had some interesting discussion with friends about evil and the nature of evil. We arrived at some disagreement about the source of that evil and its causes and that is a valid discussion to have.

Today I began to tune in to collective self-talk that is resonating across minds, hearts, air waves, and the Internet today.

We are, at the end of the day, the self-talk and the stories we tell ourselves. Whether we are reacting to events in the world or pursuing our own personal goals, the “affirmations” we keep repeating about how things are becomes how things are.

None of us is perfect on that score. Even the most empowered thinkers among us allow disempowering and destructive thoughts into their consciousness. That is no reason not to try.

After an event that shakes us like this one, it is important to pay special attention to the self-talk and outward talk we are engaging in. Because as surely as seeds are planted in the Spring and harvested in the Fall, the thought seeds we are planting in our lives right now as the result of this event will be harvested in our individual and collective lives.

What are we saying? Well, one “affirmation” I’ve heard over and over is “Evil exists in the world. It always has and it always will.” There is no disputing that fact right now. However, is that the mental seed we want to plant today and harvest tomorrow? The first part of that affirmation is a fact. It’s the second part that projects that continued reality into our future that is bothersome. Is that the best belief we want to hold in our consciousness about what can be? What if instead we said, “Evil exists in the world, but it does not have to exist to the extent it does now.” Wouldn’t that be a step forward? Do we want to change or are we just trying to score points for being the “most realistic”?

I’ve heard similar affirmations before about war – “There have always been wars and there always will be.” I’ve heard it about war in the middle east – “Those people have hated each other for thousands of years. Peace is never possible there.”

I must say this all seems rather defeatist to me. I’m not saying we can rid the world of evil or war tomorrow. I’m saying that to continue to plant such thoughts in our heads absolutely moves these possibilities into realm of impossibility. You hear this in discussions of gender, race, religion. “Those people are always…(something negative).”

Think about how often we – you – do this in your life. What chance for improvement are you projecting into tomorrow by ruling out the possibility that things can get better?

I challenge you, I challenge me, I challenge us not to fall into the trap of this kind of self-talk, even in the face of events like Newtown.

Those 20 young children who lost their lives Friday were a future. They were a possibility – a possibility to move beyond tired old paradigms and habitual ways of thinking. Let us honor them by doing our best not to cave into the gravity of the status quo and plant the mental seeds that invariably lead us in circles to nowhere. Instead, let us conceive new possibilities and a humanity with higher aspirations than “what has always been”.

Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.”

– George Bernard Shaw

I wonder…for the children of Newtown and for ourselves…which we will choose to be?