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Random Ray Thoughts

The root and the leaf seem disconnected, unrelated. Yet, they are a part of same tree. Events in our world seem like the root and the leaf, but our world is like the tree. Advertisements

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Originally posted on Malcolm's Corner:
In the U.S. the boundary of space within which we are free to make our own decisions is shrinking year by year. In daily life we face a bewildering array of restrictions on our…

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Freedom Vs. Control

Every time you give your power to decide your path or to be who you are away, you are disempowered. Freedom struggles in the face of controlling paradigms because many lack a strong enough impulse to be autonomous. It is … Continue reading

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Beyond December 21, 2012

Now that we have safely traversed the date 12-21-2012. I’m going share some thoughts I’ve had for some time. This was never about this date. It only added to the confusion. Were the Mayans fools? No. They were very astute … Continue reading

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Show Respect in the Coming Debates over Sandy Hook Tragedy

The tribe says pick a side. The wise say been there done that. In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook School, we are not all going to agree on the causes nor the solutions. One can already hear … Continue reading

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The End is Here

Having a little bit of fun with the end of the Mayan calendar this Friday. Chicken Little is sure he’s right this time.

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Reflections on Newtown and Our Thinking

The events of this past Friday have been swirling around in my consciousness for several days now. The time had come for me put some of my thoughts into writing. First and foremost to the parents, families, and the town … Continue reading

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