Man in The Mirror – The Affirmation Spot for Friday June 26, 2009

Grief Blessing: May the moment of grief be short and the memory of greatness lasting.

The world was shocked yesterday at the sad news of the premature death of Michael Jackson. Those of us that were of his generation remember Michael and his brothers singing on TV as children. His voice was something unique that only comes along in someone that age once in a generation – maybe.

Fame seemed to wear on him and it became a simple thing to poke fun at him. Many took the opportunity. Nothing can ever take away from his musical genius. In my personal opinion, the man had a huge heart that ached for this world.

It is neither our place to deify or pity the man. We collectively gave him the wealth and attention that seems to have been his tragic undoing. In return, he gave us some the most gifted music and dance performances of our lifetimes. I, for one, simply say, “Thank you, Michael! Rest in peace.”

In honor of Michael’s passing, I am posting the video of my personal favorite Michael Jackson song. It was not his biggest hit, but truly inspirational with a message for each of us.


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