Low-Stress Holiday Snack – The Affirmation Spot for Friday December 14, 2007

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Enjoy today’s post.

Today’s affirmation:

“I am a culinary innovator. My dishes are creative.”

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rolling_pin.jpgOne key aspect of enjoying the holidays it to keep your stress as low as possible. During this time of year, we are involved in many parties. You have parties at work, you host parties, and attend friends’ and families’ parties. More often than not you are asked to bring something to eat.

Here is a  stress-free and always popular snack my wife makes during the holidays. She calls it Ambrosia. It is fast to prepare and sure to please.

The recipe

1) Combine the following in a large bowl:

1 cup Cheerios

1 cup Corn Chex

1 cup peanuts

1 cup pretzels

1 cup holiday m & m’s

2) Thoroughly mix the ingredients

3) Melt one package of Almond Bark in the microwave or on the stove top in a medium sauce pan.

4) Pour the melted Almond Bark over the dry ingredients.

5) Stir all the ingredients together until the dry ingredients are well-coated.

6) Spread the Ambrosia thinly on some wax paper.

7) Allow to cool.

8) When cool break into smaller pieces and serve or store in a sealable container.

Everyone loves this stuff and it will save you a lot of time and effort over making a complicated dessert or snack for your holiday parties this year.

 Be peaceful Be prosperous


The Affirmation Spot

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The Affirmation Spot Solution – Tuesday September 11, 2007

The Affirmation Spot Solution

Audio affirmations are the solution for fitting affirmations into your busy schedule. Audio affirmations allow you to get your affirmation repetition in a multitasking environment. You can listen consciously or unconsciously and get the benefit of your affirmations. There is no need to set aside special time to repeat and memorize them. You “absorb” them the way you do lyrics to a song as you go through your day.

So, what’s new about audio affirmations? There are hundreds of CD affirmation sets available on Amazon or around the Internet. True, but you pay $15 – $100 for a CD set that is hard to lug around and contains many affirmations you don’t need. These sets are also bulky and hard to transport.

Digitally downloaded MP3 files, however, are easily transported on mini-devices like MP3 players or cell phones. They are readily usable on other equipment many people have access to during the day such as computers and CD players.

The Affirmation Spot allows you to:

  • Download individual affirmations in the convenient and flexible MP3 format.
  • Pay only for affirmations that you specifically select to target your professional, personal, and recreational goals rather than those selected by the company making the CD.
  • Select from three different versions of most affirmations:

    • Exercise version which is recorded to upbeat music and at a louder volume for exercise, high activity, or power motivation needs.
    • Relaxation version that is recorded to peaceful or relaxing music and at a lower volume. These affirmations can easily be listened to while working or relaxing.
    • No Music version which allows you to play your affirmations in tandem with your own soundtrack.
  • Select from an ever-growing library of MP3 affirmations, visualizations, meditations, prayers, and bible verses that allows you to use these powerful tools in areas of your life most affirmation companies have never considered.
  • Play your affirmations on any MP3-capable device – your iPod, MP3 player, MP3-capable cell phone, computer, or burn them to CDs
  • Play your affirmations where and when they will do you the most good – in the locker room before the big game, on the way to your sales call, driving in your car, or relaxing in your hammock.

Affirmations are really daily vitamins for your mind. Just like you take you take vitamins for your physical health you need your daily intake of positive thoughts of your choosing to keep you on track to your goals.

Please visit our website and look around. Try a couple of our September Featured Affirmations. As always, your thoughts, feedback, or stories about how you are using the affirmations are welcomed.

Psychologically, today is a tough anniversary for all of us. Please remember to tell the people close to you what they mean to you today.

Have a peaceful and prosperous Tuesday!


The Affirmation Spot

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The Traditional Affirmation Dilemma – Monday September 10, 2007

The Traditional Affirmation Dilemma

Affirmations are an extremely powerful tool for creating and maintaining thoughts that support your goals in life. The question is not whether affirmations work, the science is overwhelmingly in on that point. Most people struggle and fail with affirmations when they cannot find the time to do the repetition required for affirmations to succeed.

Affirmations work much like a personal ad campaign. The only way Coca Cola alters your thinking about its products is to deliver its message repeatedly. The same goes for affirmations – your own personal ad campaign. For them to work, you have deliver the message over and over until it becomes part of the fabric of your thinking.

Traditionally, people used cards or the “mirror chat” to memorize and repeat their affirmations. But in our busy modern world, who has the time? Other people sign up for affirmation services that send affirmations daily through e-mail or by text message on their cell phone. These are great, but what about the repetition and do they really target the area of your life you are trying to impact? You have to write them down and repeat them or use them later. You’re basically back to cards or the mirror chat.

You need a way to get the repetition that allows affirmations to work and in a format that allows them to do it without disrupting your busy schedule.

Tomorrow I will discuss why audio affirmations are the solution for affirmations users with busy schedules and how modern technology like MP3 players allow you to take your affirmations with you anywhere you are and use them whenever you need to in your life.

Have a peaceful and prosperous Monday!


The Affirmation Spot

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