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Tuesday Motivator: Big Data Can’t Measure Big Heart

Here’s your Tuesday Motivator. Just because they can document and measure everything about us now doesn’t mean we are trapped by our Big Data past.   Stay inspired, my friends! Ray Ray Davis is the Founder of The Affirmation Spot … Continue reading

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Monday is One-Seventh of Your Life

Here’s your Monday Motivator from Ray Davis of The Affirmation Spot. Have a great Monday!

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Prosperity Mantra

The word prosperity embodies the concepts of success, flourishing, and having abundance. A mantra is a word that is repeated numerous times as a point of focus. The repetition helps to establish the feelings associated with the word in your … Continue reading

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Make Meetings More Productive – Put a Stake in the Ground

In the corporate world and often in our personal life, analysis paralysis or eternal collaboration can make you unproductive. Get more results in your meetings by being the one who is willing to put a stake in the ground.

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Made A Difference Affirmation

This is the affirmation of the day for Wednesday June 13, 2018. Please shamelessly steal this and use it whenever you or someone else around you creates the vibe that you’re not making a difference. You know you are! This … Continue reading

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Focus on Your Dreams Affirmation

Whew! That felt good! This is the first new affirmation I’ve recorded in more than three years. I’ve mentioned a couple of places that I’m in the process of revitalizing and expanding The Affirmation Spot platform. You’re going to be … Continue reading

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