Do You Golf? These Affirmations Are for You

Good morning, my friends, and welcome to the new week.

My latest YouTube video includes affirmations to help you improve and thrive in your golf game.

This six-minute meditative recording encourages constant improvement and infuses your mind with confidence that you can rule the golf course.

Have a beautiful day and I’ll talk to you again soon.



Stressful Move Affirmation

Good Saturday, my friends.

Moving! Man, it can be a stressor. We’ve done local moves and couple cross-country moves over the years. The last one – from Boston to Kansas City – was an unmitigated disaster! Movers didn’t show up three days in a row. We scrambled, last-minute, to find a backup mover in June and got everything out of our house just minutes from a $10,000 penalty.

Then we left all our stuff in in storage in Boston and headed back without, not knowing how we’d get it home. A series of amazing synchronicities helped us get it all worked out.

Believe me. I know what a stressful move is all about.

Are you getting ready to move? Feeling a little stressed? This affirmation and video, watched repeatedly, help you visualize the move going great and the transition from your old place to your new space being simple.

I hope your move goes more smoothly. This affirmation will help keep you focused on the best possible outcome and on enjoying your new space.

10 Power Thoughts to Start Any Morning

Hello, my friends!

These 10 inspiring power thoughts are a great way to start any morning or powerful pick-me-up during today.

Set to forest sounds and 4k visuals, these thoughts will empower, inspire, and give you a nice 90-second break from your day.

Have the day you deserve!


Power to Choose and Change Affirmation

Good Tuesday, everyone!

The premise of this affirmation is simple. Every time you make a choice it’s a chance to change your life. Knowing that is powerful. Living by that is game-changing. This affirmation will put this mindset at the top of your thinking so that as you make choices, you realize you are literally creating tomorrow for yourself.

The affirmation features a female voice and is set to some fun, upbeat jazz music. Listen regularly for 21 days and then periodically thereafter for the affirmation to become part of your conscious thought process.



Always Attract the Right People Affirmation

Good morning, my friends.

This affirmation assures you that, when you just trust the process, the right people will show up in your life at the right moment.

Give it a try and you’ll get a huge smile on your face as you watch it happen over and over.

Have an amazing day!