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Why Great Salespeople Aren’t Always Great Sales Managers

Thought of the Day You must be a credible leader before you can be an incredible leader. Over many years in sales, I’ve seen it time and again. Sales leaders want to reward their top performers. This is a great … Continue reading

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16 Sales Affirmations

Thought for Today: “Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.” ~ W. Clement Stone Few careers are as rewarding as a career in sales and few are as lonely when things … Continue reading

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Metta and The Monk – The Affirmation Spot for Thursday January 24, 2008

Leave your comment on today’s blog Today’s affirmation is actually a version of a Buddhist meditation called Metta (loving-kindness). This meditation is practiced by directing the following words at yourself. Then spreading them to loved ones and people towards whom … Continue reading

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The Affirmation Survey Update

Saturday greetings –  Just wanted to update you on the current results from our affirmation poll. I am conducting this poll as part of the research I am doing for a book I am writing about affirmations. The survey currently consists … Continue reading

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Big Rocks First – The Affirmation Spot for Saturday December 1, 2007

Today, perhaps, is not my most original post. However, there are certain ideas and concepts that we keep forgetting. An occasional reminder never hurts. You may be familiar with the Big Rocks analogy. If not, let me briefly recount it. The … Continue reading

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