Speak Your Life Into Existence Affirmation

The power of our words is a spark off the primordial fire that spawned the universe.

Affirmations are you speaking your life into existence.

The myths of virtually every culture talk about the world being spoken into existence. The power of words to create is a universally recognized paradigm.

When you say I AM or I CHOOSE or another such phrase, you doing a small version of that initial act that created the whole universe. No wonder it’s so powerful!

Wherever you are in your journey today, remember you are awesome!



Run Your Race Affirmation

Affirm With Me:

Today I am running
MY race and focusing on MY finish line.

Stop the comparison to others. You’re on different paths. Run your race and you’ll reap your best possible rewards.

Wherever you are on your path today, remember you are awesome!


4 Compassion Affirmations for Saturday

Compassion, by any measure, is among the highest human virtues and emotions. Fostering it in our own consciousness is a lifelong endeavor for all but the greatest saints and sages on the human stage.

It’s also virtue regularly kicked to the curb or forgotten altogether in our frantically unforgiving culture.

For those ready to grow this aspect of themselves, these affirmations inspire you to make it your way of being.

Wherever you are on your path, remember you are awesome!


“Puppy Love” People

Puppies! We love them, but they sure can be rambunctious even destructive at times. They don’t take no for an answer and they take testing your patience to an art form.

Our nine-month-old weimardoodle, Harper, is no exception. She can go from the most cuddly, loving creature on the planet one moment to “devil dog” the next.

She’s a chewer and a scavenger. She’s constantly looking to get something in her mouth and if it gets our attention that much the better. She’s mauled cords, gloves, rolls of toilet paper; anything that presents an opportunity.

A puppy’s antics can annoy and even anger. Yet, five minutes after scolding Harper for something she’s cuddled up next to me and I’m telling her how much I love her.

Our ability to forgive our little friend is quick and endless. Why aren’t we better at treating other humans with so much grace?

If another human negligently destroyed your shoe or rammed into your car, you’d probably be a little miffed maybe for an hour maybe all day. The puppy does it and you’re over it and moving on.

Why don’t we apply “puppy love” to people? What if we granted loved ones and strangers alike the same level of understanding we give a puppy?

There are all kinds of reasons we could give for this differentiated behavior. A puppy’s just a puppy. They can’t help it. That guy who cut me off in traffic is an adult human being on a mission to ruin my morning.

The fact is our reaction – to the puppy and the imbecilic tweet – are both our choice. If we can choose it with the puppy, we can choose it with other human beings.

Try “puppy loving” someone the next time another person upsets you. The world and your day will be a better place.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


J.C. Penney Motivational Quote

James Cash Penney built an American retail juggernaut in the 20th Century. So, he was something of an expert on success.

He gifts us two nuggets in this quote. Know what you’re looking for because that’s likely what you’ll find. Secondly, prepare for what you want to achieve.

Do you know what you’re looking for? Are you crystal clear on it? If your vision is cloudy, your results will be too.

Are you preparing, not just for what you want to be today, but also for what you want to be tomorrow.

There’s an old saying – when the student is ready, the teacher appears. The same goes for opportunities. Be sure when your moment arrives, you are prepared to meet it.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


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