5 Keys to Success – The Affirmation Spot for Monday August 23, 2010

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Today’s Affirmation:

Success Affirmation: My hard work is paying off in an avalanche of success!

There is a narrow margin between greatness and near greatness when it comes to sports and life. But for a 1/100th of a second here or an extra step there, the winners and the almosts would be quite different. The message is that the margin of victory is small, but opportunities for success are many.

It is my firm belief that we are in a race of one. The world may appoint one person the “winner” and someone else the “loser”; but we really are in a pursuit of own highest potential. Winners and losers are an administrative detail.

Someone who works hard for years towards a goal is not a loser by any measure. They may not be labeled winner or victor, but they are an unqualified success.

There are many, many things that contribute to success. However, they can be broken down into five key ingredients that repeatedly create success.

  1. Talent – talent in a particular endeavor really is a baseline for success in that field. That’s not to say that you cannot derive satisfaction and happiness from painting even though you’ll never be Monet. You most certainly can! However, if your goal is success in a pursuit, it’s best to start with where your talent lies. Talent can be natural or developed.
  2. Motivation – all the talent in the world is nowhere without the motivation to develop it and advance it to a superior level. Motivation is a lot about excelling the talent and being willing to do the hard work. It’s also the mental part of the equation. Motivation is all about your thinking.
  3. Hard work – even in the age of electronic communication, social networking, and global media there is still no substitute for hard work. Success comes to talented, motivated, hard workers.
  4. A little help from your friends – it’s easy to see how this works in a team sport. A football team cannot win without a quarterback, offensive tackles, linebackers, punters, etc. Really, though, most high-level endeavors in life are a team effort. These Olympians we see winning medals have coaches, massage therapists, sponsors, and others that make it possible for them stand on that platform.
  5. Luck – there may be five really great sales professionals in a company, but only one is the top. Two great teams meet in The World Series every year, but only one great team becomes world champion. Sometimes you can have other four factors and it comes down to the way a ball bounces. Luck can be the deciding factor between individuals or teams that have done the other four. However, luck is overrated by many people who see all success as luck. It rarely is. Many people give up when luck goes against them. The key is to start right back with the motivation and start the process again. You were not the top sales person this time, but you can be next time. You can lose the Super Bowl by inches, but start again at training camp with the goal to get there again.

Stay inspired!


The Power to Be You Now Available – The Affirmation Spot for Thursday August 19, 2010

Since I began Tweeting and using Facebook about two years ago I’ve had people say, “You should put your thoughts and affirmations in a book”. The Power to Be You is the first of several books in work to do just that. This book includes many of your favorite tweets and thoughts along with new thoughts you’ve never seen before.

Key information:

  • Downloadable Book – PDF, iPad, and iPhone formats
  • Fully searchable – do keyword searches to locate favorite thoughts.
  • Printable – print your favorites and post them around the house or at work.
  • 13+ months of Daily Thoughts – 407 empowering daily thoughts.
  • 100s of beautiful color images adding impact to the thoughts.

I am very proud of this book. You can check out the details on my website. It’s currently available as an app for iPad and iPhone on iTunes, and will soon be available in downloadable PDF format on my website The Affirmation Spot

Stay inspired!


The Perseid Meteor Shower – The Affirmation Spot for Friday August 13, 2010

Today’s Affirmation:

I am heir to the Universe’s abundance. I need only claim it. Today I do.

Few things in this world fire my imagination or inspire my soul like the night sky. Of course, there are the occasional comets and other extraordinary events that happen a few times in a lifetime. However, each and every year there is a guaranteed show in August – The Perseid Meteor Shower or “The Perseids” for short.

This meteor shower has happened every August for at least 2000 years. It is the result of the Earth passing through the tail of comet Swift-Tuttle each year as the two bodies work their way around the Sun. The comet is usually not visible but its tail creates a massive display of shooting stars.

Here are some very cool time lapse videos I found on YouTube showing this year’s display. This year’s show peaks August 12 and 13, but progressively fewer shooting stars can still be seen for several nights after.

Stay inspired!


Palomar Observatory

The Symbolic Mind – The Affirmation Spot for Tuesday August 10, 2010

Today’s Affirmation:

My world is what I MAKE of it and today I CHOOSE to make it a beautiful place to be.

I find everything related to our minds fascinating. There are three vast unexplored frontiers in our world – the ocean floor, deep space, and the space between our ears. That third one just may be the most vast and amazing of all.

On the way home this afternoon, I heard a very interesting story on NPR’s afternoon news and information program All Things Considered.

Reporter Alix Spiegel did an amazing piece called “When Did We Become Mentally Modern”. The story talks about the importance of symbolic thinking in the way we conceptualize the world.

Listen to the Story

When you think about it this concept of symbolic thinking is very important describing and understanding our mental states. Often thoughts, ideas, and feelings appear in our minds as imagery in symbolic form. Those images and the stories we tell ourselves in support of them are critical to our mental well-being. The story provides plenty for you to consider as you learn to pay attention to your symbolic thinking.

Stay inspired!


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Monday Power

Today’s Affirmation:

Monday is my day! I always get my week off to a fast start!

When you awoke this morning you may have had a fleeting moment of hope that today was Sunday. Quickly, though, the realization hit you that another Monday morning had arrived. “Do I feel sick,” you may have wondered? Nope. Is this Monday a holiday? Nope. It soon became clear that this was an ordinary Monday morning and you needed to get up and get ready for work.

You’ve entered the heart attack zone. Numerous studies have demonstrated that Monday, especially Monday morning, produces a significant spike in the number of heart attacks. Now this could be mere coincidence, but I suspect it has something to do with our cultural perspective about Mondays, the way that perspective is reinforced, and the stress that causes us.

We have conditioned our minds to see Mondays as stressful. In much of the world, Monday is viewed as the first day of the work week. The weekend escape from reality is over. It’s time to head back and tackle that pile of paper work, make the sales quota, or present the strategy for that big new project to senior management. For many people, these events can be summarized in one word – stress.

The world reinforces that stress. If you turned on the TV or the radio on the way to work this morning, you more than likely heard someone say something to the effect of, “It’s Monday morning. Time to get back to grind.”

So if we have programmed ourselves to stress over Monday, how can we overcome it? Here are a few things to remember this Monday to gain perspective and even excel.

  1. Monday is one-seventh of your life. Do you really want to waste that much of your precious time on this planet feeling unhappy and stressed?
  2. I’ve checked it three times and confirmed that Monday has six letters. It is not a four letter word.
  3. Think back to last Monday and the Monday before. Were they really as bad as you saw them in your mind at 6 a.m. on Monday morning?
  4. Do something positive for yourself or someone else first thing to get your Monday off to a great start.
  5. See Mondays as a cherished opportunity at a new beginning.
  6. Look for reasons to make Monday your favorite day of the week – maybe a favorite TV show airs or you get to spend time doing something you enjoy after work.
  7. Value each and every moment of your life and refuse to let the Monday label deprive you of that value.
  8. Breathe in, breathe out. It will be OK.
  9. Create reasons to make Monday special to you.
  10. See that pile of paper work getting smaller, your sales quota getting closer, and your presentation winning wave reviews. That’s probably how it will go anyway. So why stress about it?
  11. If your job is really that stressful and that bad for you, it’s time to move on and do something more in line with your bliss.

This is your day. The only Monday you get this week. Make the most of it!

Stay inspired!

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