Saturday Personal Development Questions #1

Today I’m starting a new series of posts – Saturday Personal Development Questions.

I will ask a question and then I’ll answer it first. I’d love to read your responses in the comments below.

Today’s Question: What is your superpower?

My Answer: From an early age, I’ve always had the ability to see and consider different points of view. This is true of ideas I don’t agree with or even completely foreign concepts. I’m able to see how others might arrive at their positions and take any positive aspects from those perspectives and incorporate them into my own.

This has really contributed to perspectives about life and the human condition that both eclectic and diverse.

I can’t wait to read about your superpower.


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Dig Deeper Wells

The average water well is 100 to 500 feet deep. As you walk around on the earth’s surface, you can’t see the well water. You could dig 100 thirty-foot holes and not reach one drop of water.

This might frustrate you because digging 100 such holes without return is a lot of work for nothing.

Are you digging shallow wells in your life? Are you spreading yourself so thin that you can’t give any one “well” the time and effort required to get your “well water?”

Whatever your goals, ample time and effort spent on one or a few goals is like digging the well until you hit water. Having too many goals or responsibilities leaves your life pock marked with half dug wells. You might be frustrated because you’re putting in a ton of effort and not getting results.

Power hack:

  1. Try to limit yourself to one to three big goals at a time. How many depends on the goals and how much time you have to devote to them.
  2. Always be reassessing your goals to make sure you’re working on what’s most important. It’s OK to abandon half-dug wells to make room for more important priorities.
  3. When you commit to a goal, dig it all the way until you hit the “well water.”

If the goal’s worth achieving, it’s worth going all the way.


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Money Is Not Evil It’s Energy

Many of us have a very negative relationship with money. We’ve heard our whole lives that it’s “the root of all evil.” Is it really?

We feel guilty for wanting it and for having it. This is a battle I’ve fought in my own life. We need to let it go.

It’s true money is the basis for many evil actions in the world. Its pursuit manifests greed, selfishness, even war and exploitation. Those are actions of human minds and human hearts.

Money itself is simply a means of exchange. Since all exchanges are really exchanges of energy. Money is a means of exchanging measured amounts of energy.

The same hearts and minds that use it to commit the evil acts mentioned above can use it exchange enormous good. You can use it ethically both to help others and appropriate an abundant lifestyle during your time here on Earth.

You’re not less spiritual or ethical for wanting that or achieving it.

Perhaps there is a better way to exchange energy than money and perhaps one day human civilization will find it and adopt it.

For now, money is the means of having the experiences and the things that make life enjoyable.

We’re all familiar with other aphorisms. The best things in life are free and money can’t buy love or happiness. True enough. I’m not suggesting an adoration for money or elevating it above what it deserves. Rather, I’m suggesting that spending your life at war with it only serves to deny you a life you can have and certainly deserve.

LOVE this quote by Jake Ducey! It sums us of power money gives us to do good.

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember you are awesome!

I’ll write to you again soon.


Snowflakes of Perfection

There I said it! Even when it seems like it’s not, there’s perfection in ALL from a high enough perspective.

We think we have a pretty good sense of how things ought to go. When they don’t, we can become frazzled, frustrated, even angry.. When that happens, what perspective are we using?

A baseball season has 162 games. If you judged a 100-win team by the night they lost 13-2, you’d have a very skewed impression. Could you evaluate your life based on one day or one week? That wouldn’t be fair or accurate.

Yet, we are constantly judging individual events that stroll through our stream of consciousness as fair or unfair, true or false, right or wrong without the context needed to make such an appraisal.

In the flip side, we could choose to see that there is a certain perfection in everything as if there’s an intelligence far beyond our everyday awareness guiding our lives and human affairs on a perfect path we simply can’t see in this moment.

No snowflakes ever fall in the wrong place. They are right where and when they need to be to fulfill their destiny and so are you.

We could spend vast amounts of time wondering why that snowflake didn’t land elsewhere or we can accept that it did and see it as the unfolding of a perfection we don’t yet see.

Wherever you are on your journey today, know that you’re awesome!


There is No Secret Sauce

This Multiverse is an open book. There is no secret sauce. There is no great secret that everyone else is in on and you’ve somehow been left behind.

It’s all right here and knowable to anyone who seeks with determination and sees with clarity.

Is it easy? No. The Multiverse is a perverse trickster appearing in many guises. You’ve been conditioned by a thousand ill-considered paradigms that have sold you your limitedness and and a mythology of disconnection from the whole.

There are no heroes out there to lead you to the truth. The only hero worthy of that journey is the one staring back at you in the mirror each morning.

This is no ego trip run amuck. This is the fundamental truth that each and every one of us, seen clearly in our authenticity, is a tiny replication of the whole and we are able to draw energy and strength we requite from that whole.

Even if you find this hard to believe right now, from your current place on your journey, seek to believe it a little more each day. The truth of it reveals itself the more you shake the cobwebs and see who you truly are.

You are simply amazing! Thank you for your support of this blog and my work!