Morning Affirmation for Sunday October 31, 2021

Good Sunday, my friends. Don’t you think fear has won often enough in your life? Don’t you think anger has won enough in the world?

What if, just for today, we did absolutely everything in our power to see that love wins for a change? What if that ripple we started spreads out and infects the world? What if it creates an absolute tsunami of love that circles and embraces the planet?

What if one act of love or kindness from you was the very thing someone needed to restore their faith in humanity or try one more time to scale their personal mountain of struggle?

What if you are the spark the world is waiting on to shift from fear-based paradigms to love-based paradigms?

Let’s let love win today and see what happens!

Wherever you are on your journey, remember you are awesome!



Morning Affirmation for Saturday October 30, 2021

So, you have problems and challenges and things that are holding you back? That’s totally human and perfectly normal. We all have them and, let’s be honest, there are moments in our lives when they win.

The key is to make sure they’re not winning most moments, most days, or most of our lives.

The best way I know to do that is to build the premise and the purpose of your life out of people and things and dreams too precious to be pushed aside by the negativity.

Only you know what those are for you. If you don’t, make a list of the parts of your life that cannot and will not be defeated by the little hurdles constantly throwing themselves across your path.

In the meantime, you can use this affirmation to remind you to focus on what really matters and defeat the dream stealers in your life.

Stay true to you!


Fire Your Self-Doubt

Today I fire my self-doubt and buy into my potential.

You can spend your life wallowing in self-doubt or you can make a new decision. You can decide you’re going to buy into the potential that is within you.

You can believe better things are ahead for you and you have agency in making them a reality.

Maybe your experiences to-date have taught you to doubt yourself and your abilities. Maybe events in your life started that mindset rolling down hill, picking up power and speed ever since,

I assure you, though, you have the power within you to think different thoughts and create a totally new life experience.

Start today. I believe in YOU. Meet me halfway and believe in you too!