Income Rising Affirmation Video

Hey, my friends!

Happy Friday. I’ve created my latest affirmation video. It’s an affirmation set to upbeat music focused on attracting more income into your life.

The Affirmation is read 12 times each in the first person and second person.

  • My income is rising day by day, month by month, year by year.
  • Your income is rising day by day, month by month, year by year.

Have an amazing weekend! Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you ARE AWESOME!


Download this affirmation for your personal playlist here.

17-Minute Money Flows to Me Mantra

Money, as we’ve discussed many times on this blog, is not meant to rule us. It’s meant to be a tool for us. It’s a form of energy and exchange in our world. This 17-minute meditative mantra is meant to help you attract more money and abundance into your life.

It’s recorded in first and second-person and each repeats nearly 100 times. For best results use headphones and listen to the recording regularly for about three weeks.


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Make Money Serve You – Day 280 of 365 Days to a Better You

It’s been well-noted that our primary educational does a rather poor job of teaching people about money. This leads many people to reach adulthood and be very vulnerable to getting neck deep into credit card problems and failing to begin saving.

We are a spend, spend, spend culture. We’re taught that stuff can satisfy us. We’re often far down the road to debt before we realize it’s not true. Some never learn and continue to try to fill empty spaces in their hearts with more stuff.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-stuff or anti-abundance. I think the desired state of human civilization is a permanent state of mental, spiritual, and material abundance that finds balance with the earth. That should be the goal our civilization is working toward.

As usual, I believe the wisdom that’s needed to begin this shift in your life starts with thoughts and words. There’s plenty of professional money advice out there to help you actualize a shift in your relationship to money.

I’m going to share some #RayQuotes and affirmations that I hope will begin to shift your mindset and make you think more deeply about your relationship to money and stuff.

  1. Beware of the tyranny of stuff. Have stuff, but don’t let stuff have you.
  2. Money is my tool. I am NOT money’s tool. Money serves me. I don’t serve money.
  3. Refuse to live as a debt slave. Debt free is just plain free.
  4. I am smart with my money. I commit to my #budget and I stick to it. I set clear financial priorities and I stick to them. My financial health gets better every day.
  5. Today I am making peace with money. I know it’s a renewable resource. I know there is enough for me.
  6. My financial situation has a lot to do with choices I’ve made. Choice by choice I am gaining control of my finances.
  7. Money is just paper. Economies – global and personal – are built on mindsets not paper.
  8. I release my fear and anxiety about money. I know I can always get more.
  9. I refuse to be caught up in the consumer culture. I buy what I want and what I need. I’m unconcerned with keeping up with anyone else.
  10. I save first, spend next, borrow little.
  11. Maybe not right away, but your dreams can definitely pay the bills as well as a job. Throw yourself into them passion and persistence and you turn them into a money-making business. Put your soul into your goal and your outcomes can become incomes.
  12. Having multiple streams of income is the surest way to secure your financial future. Company’s diversify for this reason and so should you.
  13. My personal economy is robust and resilient!
  14. My talents and skills are UN demand. I am recession-proof!
  15. I am abundance always and everywhere.
  16. Money serves me. I don’t serve money.
  17. I am financially independent!
  18. I am heir to an abundant universe. Today I claim my inheritance.

Now is the moment to be smarter with your money. Now is the moment to invite abundance into your life. Now is the moment live the life you deserve.

In case no one else tells you today, you ARE amazing! Have a great day, my friends.


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Making Peace with Money – Day 59 of 365 Days to a Better You

Money, money, money

Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.

~Khalil Gibran

You may not have heard. There IS enough for everyone on this planet. I love the Jessie J song titled Price Tag (embedded below). We live in a culture obsessed with money and the things money can buy. Many of us define ourselves by our economic status in relation to others. It’s created massive dysfunction around money. Let’s see if we can find some ways to improve our relationship with it.

Money and things aren’t inherently bad. There’s nothing wrong with having them and living a comfortable life. Money buys choices. Money buys security. Money, as the Beatles pointed out, “Can’t buy me love.” Ha!

We can debate whether our culture ought to be set up the way it is. It’s a completely fair, and I’d argue, needed debate. Yet, when we wake up tomorrow morning, we’re still living in this world. not the better one we might create one day. How do we cope and thrive without becoming greedy b@st@rds?

Here are a few thoughts and myths about healthy and unhealthy money mindsets. I’ll admit. I’m struggling with some of these as much as the anyone else, but that’s what 365 Days to a Better You (and me) is all about.

  1. Be at peace with money. You can’t expect money to flow into your life and be at peace with you, while you’re at war with it. It’s nothing more than a resource, an exchange of value. Making it more than that is a big mistake. Oh, and you’re worth it and deserve to have an abundant life.
  2. There IS enough for everyone. Despite what you hear all day, every day in the media. There is enough to go around. We don’t have a resource shortage. What we really have is a shortage of sharing.
  3. Scarcity is a mindset not reality. This one flows from the first one. The conditioned belief that there’s not enough creates a scarcity mindset. Scarcity scares us and it’s constantly used against. We live in an abundant world and an abundant universe fully capable of meeting any need any of us could ever have.
  4. I can’t make money doing what I love. Myth, myth, myth. It’s nothing more than a conditioned belief that the only way to earn a living is working for someone else. Doing what you love can pay the bills just as well as a job. Figure out how.
  5. Wealth is evil. Wealth is not inherently evil. It can become evil without awareness. There is nothing more noble about being poor. Conscious wealth is a worthy goal. Conscious poverty or unconscious wealth benefit no one, but wealth created and consciously used benefits the world.
  6. When you have, give. When you attain a level of wealth and comfort, share it liberally. None of us really owns anything. We just possess it for a moment in cosmic terms. Why not spread the wealth?
  7. The really important things don’t have a price. This brings us to the Jessie J song. We live in a culture where it sometimes feels like everything has a price. Birth, death, healthcare, education, love, integrity. Be the kind of person who puts principle before money. Live without a price tag.

Power hack: Have things, yes, but don’t let things have you. Give up the notion that you have to nobly poor and struggling. Give up the notion that money means you’ve made it, if you haven’t learned the lessons of gratitude and generosity.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


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