10 Sunday Affirmations – The Affirmation Spot for Sunday February 21, 2010


Sunday Affirmations

  1. Sunday is MY day! Today I refresh and rejuvenate in preparation for a happy and successful week!
  2. Sunday is MY day! I’ve earned a day of rest and relaxation and today I take it!
  3. Sunday is MY day! While others worry whether they did enough this week, I relax easily knowing that I have!
  4. It’s been a long week full of progress and success. Today I recharge and take care of me.
  5. Sunday is my day to get in touch with my spiritual roots and I always take that opportunity!
  6. Sunday is MY day! I am focusing my mind on happiness and success in the week ahead!
  7. Sunday always recharges my battery and prepares me to achieve my goals!
  8. Sunday is one-seventh of my life and I always make the most of it!
  9. Sunday is my day to connect with God and I AM!
  10. Sunday is my day to pursue my hobbies and I always make the time!

Stay inspired!


Ray Davis is founder of The Affirmation Spot, co-founder of 6 Sense Media, and author of Anunnaki Awakening. Find tons more motivational content on the TAS website and YouTube channel.