Mantra for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Hey, my friends!

Limiting beliefs can be a major obstacle to achieving your goals and living your best life. These beliefs can hold you back from taking risks, pursuing your passions, and reaching your full potential. But by adopting a simple morning mantra, you can start each day with a positive mindset and overcome your limiting beliefs.

I created this YouTube shorts video titled Every Morning Mantra for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs. If this is a current challenge in your life, bookmark this and listen to it with intention every morning for a couple of weeks. Even let it run on repeat in the background to really let the concepts infiltrate your subconscious.

Wishing you nothing but your best today!



Leader Within Affirmations

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate the holiday. Today’s affirmation is meant to call out the leader within you. If becoming more of a leader in 2023 is one of your goals, these affirmations, listened to regularly, will help.

There are three affirmations to help you and a background voice saying, “I can do it.”

Wherever you are on your journey today, know that you are right where you need to be right now and that you are perfectly positioned to achieve all your goals.

Keep going!


The Universe Has Your Back

Good Saturday to you, friends!

You and I live in a world that can seem uncertain at times. Often this feeling is driven not by actual events, but by our thinking about those events. That feeling of disconnectedness that creates that aloneness is driven by dozens of “facts” and mindsets propagated profusely through popular culture.

The truth is we are in this universe, and we are of this universe. It’s not a stretch to call us children of the universe. Here’s profound truth, though. We are also part the intelligence, wisdom, and power that underlies this amazing universe.

Our choice to live in these bodies for a few decades may obscure that fact, but it is nonetheless a fact.

We are not disconnected from that fact, but we are misaligned and misinformed. This mantra, used regularly, helps remind you that you are not this separate spark trying to survive alone, but you are part of the massive fire of consciousness. You are not the lone drop of water; you are part of the ocean.

And, the universe DOES have your back.

May your day be peaceful and prosperous.


Great Quarterback – Next Patrick Mahomes Affirmation

Good Sunday, my friends. As a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan, these past few years have been something we’ve never experienced in Kansas City. We had the great George Brett back in the 70s and 80s and experienced some success. Before him, there was the great Lenny Dawson who led the Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl IV.

However, we’ve never had the experience of the kind of sustained success that comes with having the best coach and the best player in the league. You’re in it every year from the start.

I got to thinking about all the young kids, high school and college quarterbacks coming up that are watching Patrick Mahomes and the other great young quarterback in the NFL right now.

Those kids have a dream. They want to be the next Patrick Mahomes or even take it to another level. This affirmation is for those kids. If you know any of them, please pass it along.

Have a fantastic Sunday!


Immune System Mantra for Winter

Happy Saturday, my friends.

By the weather, we’ve already been in winter for a while. Now, we’re closing in on its formal beginning on the calendar. It’s a happy season of holidays and celebrations. It also ushers in the cold and flu season. Plus, COVID is still running around.

These affirmations are not replacement for standard medical care or healthy precautions. However, they are a recognition of the scientific fact that our minds influence our health and well-being.

The words we say and the thoughts we think, in turn, impact the message we’re sending out into the world and the message we’re sending to every cell in our body.

Listen to this quick video on repeat to infuse your thinking with a message of protection from and for your immune system.

May you remain happy and healthy throughout the winter season.