Thoughts That Would Transform The World #1

Hey, my friends, happy Sunday! I’m starting a new series of posts on thoughts that would transform the world.

I discovered this tweet this morning by a guy named Aaron Will. It immediately struck me as powerful and a real duh.

Why is our educational system set up to make us workers that give the best hours of our days for the best years of our lives rather than teaching us how become abundant and thrive early in life?

Certainly, we’re not here on this Earth only to labor in someone else’s fields most of our lives for two weeks vacation each year and the hope of a few good years to ourselves at the end.

While it would be nice to see an educational system committed to such lofty and aspirational goals, we can’t afford to wait,

It’s up to us to create the life we seek. It’s up to us to do those things that bring us bliss. It’s up to us create revenue streams that, whether they get us completely out of the work-a-day world or not, set us up to live the life we want and provide us choices.

Let us live our best life beginning today,


5-Minute Morning Affirmations – Higher Vibration Affirmations

We don’t live in a world anymore where we can afford low-vibration thinking and energy in high places. However, my confidence that those power will suddenly raise their vibrations and mend their ways is low.

To paraphrase Mary Kay Ash, “If it’s to be, it’s up to us.”

These affirmations help you focus and raise your vibration to begin your day. This makes you a conduit through whom love, light, and a raised vibration can thrive in the world.

If enough of us do that each day, the days of fear and anger and division are numbered on this planet,

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember you are awesome!


Do Naysayers and Fear Merchants Run Your Thinking?

They say that even a stopped watch is right twice a day. I think the same is true of naysayers. Persistent naysayers, given enough time, are probably proven right that something will happen at some point to issue you a setback. That’s life on this earth.

Were they really prophetic, though, or more like the stopped watch? If you’d taken their advice when they started telling you the sky was falling, which for many is all the time, would you have spent a month, a year, a decade, much of your life living under their cloud of pending doom?

Would you have given away years of your life that could have been spent growing, thriving, and prospering waiting for the hammer to drop?

Sometimes this naysaying is well-intentioned. People who care about you and either lost out on a dream or gave up or never went for their dreams want to prevent you from feeling the same hurt and disappointment they feel.

The saddest part of all is this naysaying can come from people you trust, respect, even love. Family, friends, spiritual leaders, political leaders, the media can put the unwitting on constant, red-alert status. Disaster, they say, is right around the corner. Your world is coming apart. They’ll take everything you have if you’re not careful.

This mindset, driven to extreme, takes one beyond despair and into desperation. People turn into animals, join angry tribes, and do things they’d never consider if they weren’t scared out of their minds by fear merchants and naysayers. Sound like a popular culture you’ve been living in for a while?

Ok, you say, I get, but are some ways to counter it?

  • Believe that something good happening is just as likely, even more so, at any given moment.
  • Prepare yourself for life’s raining days economically, mentally, and spiritually as much as possible. If you’re ready for the occasional stopped watch, you’re less likely to fall for negativity and fear-mongering.
  • Turn off the fear merchants and find sources of information that are more nourishing or at least balanced. The sky is ALWAYS falling. THEY are ALWAYS wrong. Any source of information that preaches “us” versus “them” is very likely a source hyping your fear and negativity.
  • Look at their fruits. Before you believe people that your dream or a better world isn’t possible, look at what they have produced in their life. Are they always on team “that will never work” or tram “they’re out to get us?”
  • Understand that growing seasons are long and rainstorms are short. Spend most of your life benefiting from the positive momentum and prepare for the upsets, not the other way around.
  • Have discernment. I’m not suggesting you walk blissfully into life’s right hooks. I am suggesting that 95 plus percent of the time, there’s no right hook to walk into. The key to this balance is to live your life for the positive, but remain as aware of your environment as possible so you can see the legitimate right hooks coming.

Life as a human being is bumpy, no argument. It can be long stretches of happiness with occasional difficulty, if you own your mindset and refuse to let the naysayers and the fear merchants force you to live in their persistent Chicken Little world.

Wherever you are on your journey today, you are awesome!


Don’t You Believe Them!

The world will spend a lot of time and money this week trying to convince you there’s something wrong with you and you need to do something to fix you immediately.

You are a marvelous miracle filled with confidence and momentum. You are worthy and sovereign and perfection just as you are.

Just keep this affirmation handy to remind that you’re good, you’re on course, and you’re grateful for every last bit of it.

I believe in you. Meet me halfway and believe in you too!


The Truth About You

You are a radiant being of light no matter how many times you’ve been told otherwise.

You are a radiant being of light no matter how much of life’s gunk and grime has dimmed your shine.

You are a radiant being of light no matter how low you’ve gone or how many times you’ve fallen.

You at a radiant being of light today, tomorrow, and always.

Should you ever forget again that you are a radiant being of light, come to this blog, read these words, and own them.

Now, go out and live this day like who you really are.

I believe in you. Meet me halfway and believe in you too.