No Experience Wasted

Well, my friends, I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Tuesday. I’m about to head into Gallbladder surgery shortly.

I’ve been thinking about this quote this morning by the sculptor Rodin in preparation.

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.

Every moment of our lives is an adventure. Some days things fly along and some days are rife with changes and challenges.

Yet, if you take a step back and see it all as an experience with something to teach this current you and the broader you beyond, then it all becomes a useful classroom.

Off for my day at class. See you on the other side.



The Passing of Edward Asner

Yesterday, Hollywood lost one of its wisest voices with the passing of Ed Asner.

I’ve seen a few news reports about his passing and they, of course, mention his amazing portrayal of Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and later in the spin-off series Lou Grant.

Lou Grant was one of TV’smost memorable characters and Asner did something few others have ever done. He created the character twice – once for a comedy and once for a hard journalistic show.

As a fellow native Kansas-Citian, Asner always felt like one of us. In fact, he attended high school in Kansas City with one of my mom’s best friends and the football picture that sat behind his desk on MTM was from his high school playing days.

What I loved more about Edward Asner is he had a humanitarian moral center that never swayed. During the 1980’s, as President of the Screen Actor’s Guild, he was famous for challenging President Reagan’s interventionist approach to foreign policy and what he saw as a domestic policy lacking compassion.

For me, he showed up in my life again the late 1990s when he voiced the part of God in audio versions of the Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God books.

Those books were among my most influential reads in the 90s, but hearing Asner voicing God’s words only made the works that more impactful.

There’s a trite phrase that goes, “They don’t make them like that anymore.” When it comes to Ed Asner, truer words were never spoken.

RIP and thank you for bringing laughter, wisdom, and conscience into all our lives.

Don’t You Believe Them!

The world will spend a lot of time and money this week trying to convince you there’s something wrong with you and you need to do something to fix you immediately.

You are a marvelous miracle filled with confidence and momentum. You are worthy and sovereign and perfection just as you are.

Just keep this affirmation handy to remind that you’re good, you’re on course, and you’re grateful for every last bit of it.

I believe in you. Meet me halfway and believe in you too!


Power of Positive Thinking?

Merely having a hammer will not drive nails into wood. Just believing the hammer’s abilities to drive the nail won’t build the house. You have to pick up the hammer and use it like the tool it is to get the benefits of having a hammer.

Like the hammer, positive thinking is a tool. It’s not enough to have it in your personal development tool kit or simply to believe in its power.

You have to pick it up and wield it like the powerful tool it is in pursuit of manifesting your highest aspirations.

That’s the only way “the house” gets built.

  1. Ask God, the universe, or your higher power for what you want.
  2. Believe it’s already yours and you damn well deserve it.
  3. Act in support of your request.
  4. Gratitude, gratitude, and more gratitude.
  5. Receive your dreams.

Keep that positive thinking flowing and going until the proverbial nails of your dream are hammered flush.

One of two things is bound to happen. Either all that positive momentum in favor of that dream manifests it for you or your path shows you that wasn’t really the dream at all and opens the doors to the true dream and you apply the process again.

Stay light, stay joyful, stay flexible along the way use the power of positive thinking to nail down your dreams.


The Truth About You

You are a radiant being of light no matter how many times you’ve been told otherwise.

You are a radiant being of light no matter how much of life’s gunk and grime has dimmed your shine.

You are a radiant being of light no matter how low you’ve gone or how many times you’ve fallen.

You at a radiant being of light today, tomorrow, and always.

Should you ever forget again that you are a radiant being of light, come to this blog, read these words, and own them.

Now, go out and live this day like who you really are.

I believe in you. Meet me halfway and believe in you too.