Your Puzzle Pieces Do Fit

Good evening, my friends. I want to share an experience I had Tuesday. It’s representative of a frequent experience, even though I only remember after the fact that things work this way.

My early morning mission was two-fold – pick up something from the grocery store and run by Sonic to pick up breakfast.

Things quickly went awry. The grocery store didn’t have the item I needed. When I arrived at Sonic, they informed me they were running 10 minutes behind.

I debated my options and decided to make my way to the larger town about 10 miles from us. There I picked up breakfast and visited Walgreens to pick up my needed item. The day before I’d called my doctor’s office and was informed they’d have no COVID vaccines until Fall.

As I was checking out, the very enthusiastic young Walgreens employee asked if I’d had my COVID vaccine. I replied I had not. He handed me a card with a QR code that allowed me quickly schedule my first shot yesterday and my second in a few weeks.

On my way over to the other town, I had to readjust a momentarily very negative attitude. My morning plan had been foiled and I was none too happy.

I wasn’t seeing the whole puzzle. Thankfully, the universe had my back, as it always does; even when I forget.

We can often think we lack the pieces to successfully complete our puzzle or the pieces don’t fit the way we expect them to.

It’s discouraging, frustrating, pick your word. Remember though, you do have the pieces and with a little patience things do fall into place.

After the fact, we look back and wonder why we ever doubted. The delay or the redirection of our plans was exactly what the situation called for.

Trust and know, as the ancient saying goes.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Tie A Knot and Hang On

One of my favorite determination and resilience quotes is by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

I’ve always loved the self-reliance, even defiance against a challenging situation the quote embodies. It counsels courage in the face of hardship.

When Roosevelt assumed office on March 4, 1933, the nation and the world were squarely in the suffocating grip of the worst depression in modern times.

There was no TV, no Internet to deliver images and multimedia messages to a downtrodden and discouraged populace. Radio was the high tech of the day and FDR had only his words and his voice to reassure a nation that we would come through the challenges.

There were millions at the end of their economic and psychological ropes during the 30s. Roosevelt frequently took on the role of motivator-in-chief.

Like so many inspiring quotes, this one has has dubious origins. In addition to FDR, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson, among others, have been credited with the quote.

While FDR is most often given credit, if he actually said it, he was likely repeating something he’d heard or read elsewhere.

The saying has been cited in print since 1919. The first known credit to FDR for the quote came in 1958. It certainly fits with many of FDR’s other notable motivational quotes.

Regardless of the source of the quote, we can all appreciate power it has to inspire us in moments of difficulty.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Focus on What REALLY Matters

I have a simple test that allows me to sift through the volumes of data flowing into my mind all day. We must in our world today or we’ll be overwhelmed.

This RayQuote expresses that test. Before we get in another pointless online debate or lose our serenity because someone cut us off in traffic. Try this simple test to reason your way out of an overreaction that steals your energy.

Will this event, these words, this argument matter in five years? Will it be forgotten in five minutes except for the toll it takes on your day?

WILL it matter in five years? If so, by all means, make your stand. If not save yourself the angst, stay in your cool, and move on with your day unencumbered by it

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Morning Affirmation

Our breath is an amazing tool to literally and metaphorically infuse positivity into our being and release

This is what makes meditation and affirmations such a powerful combo.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Are You An Extraordinary Thinker?


Do you see yourself as average, ordinary, middle-of-the-pack? A lot of people see themselves that way and are perfectly content with it. Just always know that it is a belief, not a fact. You can shift from ordinary to extraordinary any time you choose.

You are extraordinary. It’s right there beneath that ordinary facade. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. You sense that there is something extraordinary within you and you are ready to unleash it in your life and, yet, you don’t.

A big part of it is shifting your paradigms from those that support ordinariness to those that promote the extraordinary in you.

Here are 16 paradigm-shifting distinctions between ordinary mindsets and extraordinary ones. Keep these posted somewhere that you can see them during your day. When you catch yourself thinking ordinary, you can instantly change to extraordinary.

1) Ordinary thinkers are fear-driven. Extraordinary thinkers are love-driven.
2) Ordinary thinkers believe they are victims of fate. Extraordinary thinkers know they are choosers of destiny.
3) Ordinary thinkers approve the status quo. Extraordinary thinkers improve the status quo.
4) Ordinary thinkers strive to be cool. Extraordinary thinkers strive to be themselves.
5) Ordinary thinkers are tenant farmers in the paradigms provided by others. Extraordinary thinkers are constantly planting new and exciting paradigms in their lives and in the world.
6) Ordinary thinkers trust experts. Extraordinary thinkers listen to experts, but trust themselves.
7) Faced with adversity, ordinary thinkers give up. Faced with adversity, extraordinary thinkers give more.

8. Ordinary thinkers expect little and receive it. Extraordinary thinkers expect much and receive it.
9) Ordinary thinkers employ labels. Extraordinary thinkers seek understanding.
10) Ordinary thinkers believe in chances. Extraordinary thinkers believe in choices.
11) Ordinary thinkers think life happens to them. Extraordinary thinkers know life happens through them.
12) Ordinary thinkers allow their doubts to rule them. Extraordinary thinkers allow their dreams to rule them.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!