10 Things We Should All Be Learning from Friendly Dogs – Day 188 of 365 Days to a Better You

Few creatures in the world are as worthy of emulation as a happy, friendly dog. Here are 10 things we can all learn from them.

  1. Love (and lick) now. Ask questions later.
  2. Stop and smell every flower, if necessary.
  3. Wag your tail or something analogous a little more.
  4. Always be ready to play.
  5. When someone gives you something always bring it back.
  6. Sad eyes get people to do things.
  7. Always be trying to remove your leash. Who needs them?
  8. Don’t stand on too much ceremony when it comes to food.
  9. Loyalty is not a question.
  10. Forget yesterday. It’s a new day. There are new squirrels to chase.

Have a great Monday, my friends. Share this one with your favorite dog owner.



Daily Video Affirmation #7 – Acceptance and Change Affirmation

Today’s Daily Video Affirmation focuses on harmonizing two seemingly conflicting impulses – acceptance and change. Both have positive aspects for our lives, but they can come into conflict sometimes. How do you reconcile them? This affirmation helps.

Say I Love 50 Times a Day – Day 170 of 365 Days to a Better You

Today’s Affirmation

The more love I express, the more love I feel.

No word has more impact than a word that follows I. Affirmations are built on I phrases. No word has more innate power to shift your mindset and your heart than love. I’m not speaking of an empty over-used version of the L word. I’m talking about a heartfelt expression of love for the people and things in the world around you.

Here’s my challenge to you. Tomorrow use the phrase I love… at least fifty times. Don’t say it just to say it. Really take a moment to notice all the people and things you love and call them out as you come across them.

Consciously say I love April. I love the summer sky. I love golf. I love my time in the traffic jam because I get to listen to my favorite music. Whatever those things are for you, notice them and say I LOVE to them in your mind or boldly out loud.

The more you fill your consciousness and your day with “I love…” the more gratitude you’ll experience and the better you’ll feel.

This practice is a keeper. Make it a habit to say “I love…” at least fifty times each day and watch the magic happen!

I love all of you and I’m deeply appreciative that you spend a few minutes of your day reading this blog and watching my videos. Thank you so much!


Daily Video Affirmation #6 – I AM Making Progress

Not all affirmations are inspirational or aspirational. Some are rather pedestrian reminders of practical things. The idea is to coat your consciousness with these thoughts to help make it your default thinking. Today’ affirmation is a good example of that.

Stay focused. Stay positive!


Releasing Your Mental Chains – Day 169 of 365 Days to a Better You

Good Tuesday, everyone! There’s old Buddhist story about two monks who were sworn to celibacy walking through a forest in a rainstorm. They came across a distressed woman on the banks of a rushing river.

One monk asked, “How may I help you?” She told him she was a single mother and had food for her small child. If she wasn’t able to cross the river, he would starve.

The monk surprised the woman and his friend by hoisting her upon his shoulders and carrying her across the river.

Later when the two monks returned to their monastery the monk could see his friend was troubled by something.

“Tell me, brother, what is troubling you?” he asked.

“Our vow of celibacy requires that we not talk to women and yet you spoke to the woman at the river. Our vow of celibacy requires that we not touch a woman and yet you carried her across the river. How can you sit there in peace knowing what you have done?”

The first monk smiled at his friend, “It’s true I spoke to the woman and carried her across the river, but, brother, I put her down hour ago. When will you put her down?”

The first monk had broken his vows, but he’d done so in an act of compassion. As soon as the episode was over, he had moved on. The second monk was still carrying the mental chains of the event and allowing it to disturb his peace.

How often do you and I do that? We carry drama, baggage, guilt, and anger around in our hearts and in our minds? We stretch out events that were over hours, days, or years ago by keeping them alive in our minds.

The question I have for you tonight is what are you carrying around that you long since should put down? Release your mental chains and your attachment to past events long over.

The pain for holding on to them is not a sentence. It’s a choice.

Stay inspired, my friends!  May you find it within you to free yourself from the chains that mentally, spiritually, and even physically keep you stuck.



Daily Video Affirmations #5 – Making the Right Decisions

Sometimes life presents us with morally challenging dilemmas with no clearly right answer. One such challenge happens with end-of-life issues for us and for our pets. We’re being challenged right now with what to do with our 15-year-old lab, Mia. She has good days and she has horrible days. We’ve gone back and forth on what to do and it’s challenged, but also bolstered my own moral compass.

Today’s affirmation is about making hard choices – having the courage to do it and the confidence to trust you’re making the right decisions.


Stay courageous and stay true to you!


What Do You Believe? – Day 168 of 365 Days to a Better You

Good Monday, my friends. I hope you enjoyed an amazing weekend and that your week is off to a great start. April, Mia, and I are still running with our hair on fire getting ready for our big move now just 11 days away. Remember this evening, before you go to sleep, to spend five minutes focusing on the positive energy from today. This is a fantastic practice to get into right before going off to sleep.

My question for you this evening is, what do you believe? If you believe your future or humanity’s future is bleak, then you have to own that your thinking is contributing to that outcome.

If you believe your future and humanity’s future is bright and brilliant, then your thinking is helping to create that outcome.

The outcome may come immediately in this moment. It may come over years. Either way, the outcome projected by your thinking will become your dominant reality.

Yes. There will be bright spots in the darkness. Yes. The primary rules of this three-dimensional existence will still apply to you. It’s the environment you inhabit along the way that comes directly from your thinking.

To paraphrase Rumi:

Want more thorns? Think about thorns. Want more roses/? Think about roses.

I’m not saying this is always easy. I certainly have my moments and days where I vibrate more thorns than roses. When I do, I get thorns. Yet, with just a gentle shift in your focus, the roses are always ready to appear.

So, I ask you again. What do you believe?

You’re awesome! Stay that way! Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening!