You Are Worthy!

We live in a world and with people who will knock us down.

They will tell you you’re not good enough; that you’re not worthy. It can beat you down, if you let it.

You must build an internal voice that tells you, know matter what the world says, you are amazing and worthy.

Stay on course today with these affirmations.

  • I am worthy.
  • Even when I don’t feel worthy, I am still worthy.
  • Even when others tell me I am not worthy, I am still worthy.
  • I am a miracle born for a unique purpose.
  • I believe in myself more today than ever.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


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Expand Your Thinking Affirmation

I expand my thinking and that expands my world.

This #affirmation reminds us that the world does not limit us; our thinking limits us.

The cool thing is we have the choice every moment to expand our world of possibilities simply by expanding our thinking about our possibilities.

Follow your bliss, experience your bliss, become your bliss.


To Know and Not to Do

I’ve always loved this quote. We tend to give ourselves credit for what we know rather than what we actually do. We’re quick to remind others, “I know how to do that.” Maybe, but are you doing it?

If reaching our goals and dreams was merely about what we know, we’d probably already be there.

The truth is it’s about consistently and persistently we apply what we know to what we want to achieve.

Always be learning, but always be prepared do as well.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Feed Your Dreams

Feed your dreams. Starve your doubts.
~Ray Davis

I coined this quote about 10 years ago. Since, it’s showed up on t-shirts, quotes sites, and at least one book that I know of.

The quote reflects a choice we have a thousand times a day.

Are we going to go down the dark and negative road of our self-doubt or will we choose to believe in our dreams?

We don’t make this decision just in one big moment. We make it over and over along on our path and each choice slowly turns our trajectory toward our dreams or our doubts.

Which will you choose today?

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Expect Great Things to Expect You

Tonight’s RayQuote is expect great things to expect you.

When you aspire to big things and suddenly find yourself living a dream, it’s easy to feel out of place. You can feel like the imposter or like you’re not deserving.

Know this and know it well. You’re as deserving as anyone else on the planet to have a beautiful and comfortable life.

All those moments you chose to do things others wouldn’t and did them well earned you this moment.

Believe that these moments, these situations have been waiting for your inevitable arrival.

Enjoy it!