Do Naysayers and Fear Merchants Run Your Thinking?

They say that even a stopped watch is right twice a day. I think the same is true of naysayers. Persistent naysayers, given enough time, are probably proven right that something will happen at some point to issue you a setback. That’s life on this earth.

Were they really prophetic, though, or more like the stopped watch? If you’d taken their advice when they started telling you the sky was falling, which for many is all the time, would you have spent a month, a year, a decade, much of your life living under their cloud of pending doom?

Would you have given away years of your life that could have been spent growing, thriving, and prospering waiting for the hammer to drop?

Sometimes this naysaying is well-intentioned. People who care about you and either lost out on a dream or gave up or never went for their dreams want to prevent you from feeling the same hurt and disappointment they feel.

The saddest part of all is this naysaying can come from people you trust, respect, even love. Family, friends, spiritual leaders, political leaders, the media can put the unwitting on constant, red-alert status. Disaster, they say, is right around the corner. Your world is coming apart. They’ll take everything you have if you’re not careful.

This mindset, driven to extreme, takes one beyond despair and into desperation. People turn into animals, join angry tribes, and do things they’d never consider if they weren’t scared out of their minds by fear merchants and naysayers. Sound like a popular culture you’ve been living in for a while?

Ok, you say, I get, but are some ways to counter it?

  • Believe that something good happening is just as likely, even more so, at any given moment.
  • Prepare yourself for life’s raining days economically, mentally, and spiritually as much as possible. If you’re ready for the occasional stopped watch, you’re less likely to fall for negativity and fear-mongering.
  • Turn off the fear merchants and find sources of information that are more nourishing or at least balanced. The sky is ALWAYS falling. THEY are ALWAYS wrong. Any source of information that preaches “us” versus “them” is very likely a source hyping your fear and negativity.
  • Look at their fruits. Before you believe people that your dream or a better world isn’t possible, look at what they have produced in their life. Are they always on team “that will never work” or tram “they’re out to get us?”
  • Understand that growing seasons are long and rainstorms are short. Spend most of your life benefiting from the positive momentum and prepare for the upsets, not the other way around.
  • Have discernment. I’m not suggesting you walk blissfully into life’s right hooks. I am suggesting that 95 plus percent of the time, there’s no right hook to walk into. The key to this balance is to live your life for the positive, but remain as aware of your environment as possible so you can see the legitimate right hooks coming.

Life as a human being is bumpy, no argument. It can be long stretches of happiness with occasional difficulty, if you own your mindset and refuse to let the naysayers and the fear merchants force you to live in their persistent Chicken Little world.

Wherever you are on your journey today, you are awesome!


Remembering Who We Truly Are is the Cure

People say our divides are too wide and our differences too much.

Sorry, but I have to call BS on that. If we focus the surface – the masks, roles, and containers – then those people are right.

When we go a layer deeper and remember these forms that seem to separate us are all made of star dust, we begin to see the commonality and unity.

When we go one more step – beyond the material – to the level of consciousness, we smack our foreheads and say, “What was I thinking? Now I remember.”

We remember that we are conscious beings all and call connected to the cosmic consciousness that is our true root system. We remember that we are here playing these games in time and space for the growth, the experience, and the fun.

But, some might counter, “That’s nice but how does it solve inequality, injustice, and suffering?”

To that I reply, no one who has truly understood the truth about who we all are – every one of us – will ever permit any of those ills to be visited upon themselves or anyone else.

Forgetting, separation and the fear they cause are the real problem. Remembering, unification and the love they evoke are the solution.


We Are Family

It’s rare that I draw a hard ideological line on this blog. Generally, I’m here working to build you and me up with positive messages. Despite what I’m about say, I think this remains in that vein.

One of the criticisms of positive thinking is that it tries to gloss over challenges and problems in the world. I would argue that’s a misreading. Positive thinking is way to fight back and take control of your thinking against the wave of negativity, mean-spiritedness, and anger that pervades our popular culture.

There is much inequity and injustice on our planet. It’s easy to see how people can get dragged down these negative holes.

This opens the door for demagogic leaders and ideologies to take root and flourish. We see this happening right before our eyes around the planet. That’s further fed by a media that tells half-truths tilted toward the prejudices and idiocies of its target audience. These half truths are then repeated and argued over social media, widening divides to the point that people can’t even talk to each other any more. Lifelong friends are unfriended for daring to question our version of the half truth.

It’s as insidious as it is ridiculous. It drives wedges in families, tears the social fabric of nations, and pushes major powers to the brink of crazy confrontations even the most ardent cold warriors averted.

If we are really in the fight for light and for wisdom and for an advancing and evolving humanity taking its rightful place among the galactic community we rightly imagine lies beyond our world; we must immunize ourselves and, to the extent we’re able, immunize those around us against these divisive and destructive mindsets.

The question might come up, “How do we know what the truth is and who to believe?”

Regardless of your personal spiritual belief system, Jesus and Buddha are widely recognized as two humanity’s greatest teachers. I think their words help provide us a kind of truth “Geiger counter” for those of us who seek and peaceful advanced human civilization and seek it soon.

Jesus was talking about false teachers in Matthew. He concluded his discussion of them with a simple test, “Therefore, by their fruits will you them.”

Five hundred years and a thousand miles away, Buddha gave us a similar test when he was pressed about who we should believe and put our trust in.

He said the following.

When you yourselves know directly something is unskillful, unwholesome, blameworthy, rejected by the wise, harmful to yourselves or others, leads to poverty or unhappiness of both yourself and others, you should give it up.

When you yourselves know directly that something is skilled, wholesome, blameless, praised by the wise, and leads to well-being, prosperity, and happiness of both yourself and others, you should accept it and practice it.

If your end game is an advanced human civilization, maximizing its potential, and respecting and allowing each person to reach for their highest aspirations; then these are two great measures to put leaders or ideologies up against.

We are family. It’s a simple fact of cosmology. Our fates are tied together on this tiny blue ball tumbling through the darkness of the cosmos.

It’s also non-negotiable. Leaders and ideologies that don’t bear fruits that 1) Accept that reality and 2) Embrace it and seek to maximize it; should be utterly rejected at this late date in favor of leaders and ideologies that demonstrate the enlightenment required for this civilization to live long and prosper.

Wherever you are on your journey today, you are awesome!


Five Pondering #RayQuotes

Good morning, my friends. I hope your Tuesday is off to a great start! This morning I’d like to share five more #RayQuotes.

These are not as much of the motivational variety, as they are the pondering kind. I hope you’ll find them useful in peeling away a few more layers of this crazy onion we call life in the universe as we know it.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Division is a Decision

Division is a decision not an inevitability. It occurs when people are conditioned day after day to focus on what separates us rather than what unshakably unites us.

If you focused only on what you disagreed on with your significant other, you’d have no relationship.

If you focused only on what you disagreed on with your boss, you’d have no job.

Is it any wonder that when we focus only on what we disagree on, we cannot have a country that works?

You may be tempted to point the finger at “them.” After all, that’s what our media and our so-called leaders do. They tell you to point and to blame and to focus on the separation.

We can do better than that and WE MUST.

We came here to aspire to something higher than the next argument or even the next election. We have forgotten who we truly are and as long as we remain in that state of forgetting, we’re easily manipulated. The moment we remember nothing will be able to stop the transformation.

Until that day comes for the world, we will have to discover that remembering one person at a time. When enough of us have changed what’s inside, the outside will follow.

Be who you came here to be. See your greatness and help those around you to see theirs too.