The Power of Our Minds Must Be Used to Stop This War

Good evening, my friends. We continue to drift ominously toward a global conflict most of us thought until two months ago was in the rear view mirror. It’s time to put the power of our minds to work to shift this momentum. This is the topic of my latest video.

If we are to have peace, the people of this planet must want it more than the power brokers want to profit from conflict.

Wherever you are on your journey, know that you’re awesome!


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11 Things We Should Know By Now

Good evening, my friends. The events of the past week have reminded us that Covid is not the only virus running through humanity. Inhumanity, selfishness, and ego also run rampant.

Vladimir Putin’s unjustifiable attack on Ukraine is horrific, but only the latest example of this kind of behavior among nations, especially those with lots of power.

Not only is horrible for the people of Ukraine, it’s a gut punch to species we could be and should be in 2022. There’s this fear that there’s not enough and I better get mine that ruins the minds of powerful men and wrecks nations and the world.

I got to thinking. What are the lessons we should have learned by now, but haven’t. I’m sure the list could be much longer. Here’s 11 than relate directly to the events of this week.

In times like this, it’s more important than ever to put your mind on your side.

11 Things We Should Know By Now

  1. War solves nothing. It just kills people.
  2. When you attack someone else’s country they don’t greet you as liberators.
  3. Peace is not just preferable. Peace should be an existential goal of our civilization.
  4. Big countries bullying little countries goes well at first and then turns destructive for the big country.
  5. When this war of aggression is over, we should not have decades of renewed Cold War over it. There’s nothing that serves the people of this planet less.
  6. Nuclear weapons are no longer a deterrent. They only give those who have them free reign to behave as they wish.
  7. Russia is not the first large country to attack a weaker nation based on crap evidence. Some of us need to sweep our own front porch.
  8. If we spent the money we spend on weapons on this planet on productive and aspirational things, this damn species might have a chance.
  9. Only love conquers hate. Only justice conquers injustice. There’s no path to peace. Peace is the path.
  10. Leaders bent on division and destruction and ego should not be leaders on this planet anymore.
  11. We are running out of time to learn these lessons and apply them.

Love Thy Neighbor

There is no ethical or moral code that ignores this basic principle. So many of the ills afflicting our minds and our society could be greatly mitigated by doing this one thing.

Certainly, there are many on the planet who believe this to be much harder than it actually is. They’ve seen the ugliness people are capable of up close. For many, their protection mechanism has become to blame the whole species.

There are a couple of simple mind shifts that can get us back on a more productive track.

  1. Stop blaming humanity for the faults of some humans. There are literally billions of good people out there trying to make their way in this crazy world just like you. Shift your focus to that fact.
  2. See people as individuals and each situation as unique. We have a tendency to generalize and categorize our way to a point where we don’t trust anyone or anything. Renew your commitment to see each person for the unique individual they are rather than grouping them into a label. See each situation as unique. The fact that you’ve been hurt in say a relationship, doesn’t mean that the best relationship you can imagine isn’t out there for you.

Love your neighbor. Give them the same chance you want and deserve. People will surprise you and you’ll find more joy and happiness in your interactions with others.

You know you’re amazing! Just reminding you.


Leave The World Better

Good Monday evening, my friends. A better world; it’s the age-old aspiration of human beings. We want to improve the world and leave something better for our children and grandchildren.

There’s no magic pill that will get us there. It’s the labor of one person multiplied around the planet making this moment, this day, one life a little better.

The fact that it’s challenging must not deter us. We were hired, in a way, to come here to this challenging time and this challenging place to be the difference the world needs.

You might be wondering, “Am I really equipped to take on the daunting tasks of our moment in time?” I assure you. You’re not only capable. You’re uniquely qualified to be the antidote to the negativity that poisons this period of history.

Be bold. Be true to principles that don’t change based on who’s in office or the latest fad. Hold fast to the belief that humanity can have and will have a bright and illustrious future and that you play an irreplaceable role in making it happen.

I believe in you. Meet me halfway and believe in you too!


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Do Naysayers and Fear Merchants Run Your Thinking?

They say that even a stopped watch is right twice a day. I think the same is true of naysayers. Persistent naysayers, given enough time, are probably proven right that something will happen at some point to issue you a setback. That’s life on this earth.

Were they really prophetic, though, or more like the stopped watch? If you’d taken their advice when they started telling you the sky was falling, which for many is all the time, would you have spent a month, a year, a decade, much of your life living under their cloud of pending doom?

Would you have given away years of your life that could have been spent growing, thriving, and prospering waiting for the hammer to drop?

Sometimes this naysaying is well-intentioned. People who care about you and either lost out on a dream or gave up or never went for their dreams want to prevent you from feeling the same hurt and disappointment they feel.

The saddest part of all is this naysaying can come from people you trust, respect, even love. Family, friends, spiritual leaders, political leaders, the media can put the unwitting on constant, red-alert status. Disaster, they say, is right around the corner. Your world is coming apart. They’ll take everything you have if you’re not careful.

This mindset, driven to extreme, takes one beyond despair and into desperation. People turn into animals, join angry tribes, and do things they’d never consider if they weren’t scared out of their minds by fear merchants and naysayers. Sound like a popular culture you’ve been living in for a while?

Ok, you say, I get, but are some ways to counter it?

  • Believe that something good happening is just as likely, even more so, at any given moment.
  • Prepare yourself for life’s raining days economically, mentally, and spiritually as much as possible. If you’re ready for the occasional stopped watch, you’re less likely to fall for negativity and fear-mongering.
  • Turn off the fear merchants and find sources of information that are more nourishing or at least balanced. The sky is ALWAYS falling. THEY are ALWAYS wrong. Any source of information that preaches “us” versus “them” is very likely a source hyping your fear and negativity.
  • Look at their fruits. Before you believe people that your dream or a better world isn’t possible, look at what they have produced in their life. Are they always on team “that will never work” or tram “they’re out to get us?”
  • Understand that growing seasons are long and rainstorms are short. Spend most of your life benefiting from the positive momentum and prepare for the upsets, not the other way around.
  • Have discernment. I’m not suggesting you walk blissfully into life’s right hooks. I am suggesting that 95 plus percent of the time, there’s no right hook to walk into. The key to this balance is to live your life for the positive, but remain as aware of your environment as possible so you can see the legitimate right hooks coming.

Life as a human being is bumpy, no argument. It can be long stretches of happiness with occasional difficulty, if you own your mindset and refuse to let the naysayers and the fear merchants force you to live in their persistent Chicken Little world.

Wherever you are on your journey today, you are awesome!