Fibromyalgia Affirmations

morgan_freeman_fibroToday’s post is for those people out there dealing with Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed 26 years ago with Addison’s Disease. So, I understand what it’s like to live with a challenging, chronic condition that other people don’t understand.

There are many famous people who have this condition. Among them is the popular and busy American actor, Morgan Freeman. He’s talked about his Fibromyalgia publicly in many interviews. The quote in the image above let’s you know that he refuses to let it determine his life.

If you’re newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, are looking for resources, or are seeking ways to advocate for the condition, I recommend that you contact my friend, Meshea Crysup. You can find her on Fibro Life page on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

In the meantime, here are a few affirmations you can use help you win your day against this challenging condition.

  1. I have fibromyalgia, but it will NEVER have me!
  2. Who I am transcends my Fibromyalgia. It is limited, but I am limitless!
  3. What’s inside of me is bigger and stronger than my fibro!
  4. Today and every day, I choose a full, happy life over the fibromyalgia.
  5. Breathing in, I feel my fibro. Breathing out, I release it.
  6. Fibro is what I have not who I am!
  7. I refuse to give in. I refuse to give up. I refuse to give out.
  8. I accept that others won’t understand and I release my anger about it.
  9. Because of what I am going through, it makes me more compassionate for what others are going through.
  10. My fibromyalgia is strong, but I am far stronger!


Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


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