Great Quarterback – Next Patrick Mahomes Affirmation

Good Sunday, my friends. As a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan, these past few years have been something we’ve never experienced in Kansas City. We had the great George Brett back in the 70s and 80s and experienced some success. Before him, there was the great Lenny Dawson who led the Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl IV.

However, we’ve never had the experience of the kind of sustained success that comes with having the best coach and the best player in the league. You’re in it every year from the start.

I got to thinking about all the young kids, high school and college quarterbacks coming up that are watching Patrick Mahomes and the other great young quarterback in the NFL right now.

Those kids have a dream. They want to be the next Patrick Mahomes or even take it to another level. This affirmation is for those kids. If you know any of them, please pass it along.

Have a fantastic Sunday!