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Know Thyself

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The Sin of a Negative Thought

In this daily motivator, Ray Davis of The Affirmation Spot debunks the sun of a negative thought concept. Having a negative thought is a normal and natural human response to certain situations. Ray sets the record straight on this topic. … Continue reading

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Take Back the Driver’s Seat in Your Life

Today’s Affirmations: “A new day dawns…I am a new person today; a better person, a healthier person, a happier person.” “Even amid adversity, I endeavor to succeed to the maximum extent of my abilities.” “I am a strong and capable … Continue reading

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Tips for Becoming a Positive Thinker

In the training world, there is constant discussion about what constitutes a learnable, trainable skill and what falls into the realm of motivation or determination. For instance, I can train a sales manager with the knowledge and the skills that … Continue reading

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RE: How to Harness the Positive Power of Negative Thinking

Today’s Thought: The optimist sees the half-full glass as ready to overflow. The pessimist waits for the water to evaporate and claims victory. I came across an article titled “How to Harness the Positive Power of Negative Thinking” by Oliver … Continue reading

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Dreaming While Awake

Today’s thought “Most people think dreams are only experienced when sleeping. A few enlightened souls recognize that dreams happen only when we become fully awake.” Of course, our awakening occurs gradually over the course of our life or lives (depending … Continue reading

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Your To Be List – The Affirmation Spot for Thursday October 20, 2011

Today’s Affirmation: “I absorb knowledge like a sponge and retain it for use at the appropriate time.” (click the affirmation to hear it in mp3) Our society is built on getting things done. Productive action is an important ingredient to … Continue reading

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